Welcome to SuzannesHealthUpdate


Welcome to SuzannesHealthUpdate.

Hello!!! If you’d like to visit my health update site, called “Carepages”, you can be updated on all of my health issues, but this way it is up to you. It’s your choice! I try not to bother people very much, with my health/pain issues. But I have several problems with RSD/CRPSII, chronic pain,autoimmune disease etc… Click on the “Carepages” below if you wish to see…..after you arrive on Carepages, you will have to sign in (because they want to know that real people are looking at the Carepage Health Blogs)…and then if you wish to see and visit MY CAREPAGE , you put in “Suzanneshealthupdate” in the search field …. I just thought I’d share!…love, Suzanne