My feature video for “invisible No More TV” & For the Invisible Disabilities Association!

This is a video in which I speak of being “Invisible No More”! The Invisible Disabilities Association saw one of my other videos, where I was trying to raise awareness and speak of my chronic daily pain & my progressive, painful, autoimmune disease called: RSD/CRPSII. Mine was brought on when a nerve was cut during my foot surgery in April 2007! It was about the 7th of now 9 surgeries since a MVA and multiple injuries in 2002. I found out 2 months later, at my post-op check up, that I have RSD..also known as CRPS type II (which is nerve damaged)…
The I.D.A. asked me to make a video for them for their “Invisible No More T.V.” Channel of You Tube. It is on my sidebar under my links, as well.

My Video: Living With Chronic Pain RSD/CRPSII

Please check out my video on YOU TUBE! This is a video that I made a couple of years ago and it’s had over 3,600 hits on You Tube! I also have this video on my side bar under “Links” and “feature videos”! Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.