When Are We Not Responsible?

Thank God for people like this writer.. Make sure you read on and read all of this article. At first you’ll wonder what he or she thinks ?..do they think it’s OK to forget about a loved one who’s stricken with a horrible and life altering illness? THE ANSWER IS “NO”!! So keep reading!!

Who I am

I was told of a story recently and even after a few days of digesting it I am still bothered. Have you or I ever had life go entirely as we want and it to? Have either of us ever had things pop up that are hard to handle or even more can’t fix? I know I have.

As kids we are born innocent in this world. We are nurtured  as well as our parents know how. We become adults and have children of our own. The cycle of life repeats itself until you are filled with great-grandparents down to great-grandchildren.

What if a bump comes in the road and we don’t see it? We fall in and can’t get back out without help. Do we as family and friends turn our backs on that person? Or do we try to help them climb back out?

I am not talking…

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