Poems and Broken Promises


I continue to pretend that my family is dead, I cannot forget the horrible things that they’ve said.
The things that they’ve done are even worse to be told, I’ll never forget them, even when I’m very old.
They continue to be horrible, evil & mean. The reality that I once thought I had, it’s different and all is not what it once seemed.
I’ve thought of them as dead these past years, but they aren’t dead, I’m the one that is dead, I fear!
I am dead, I feel numb, I feel quiet and dumb. I feel like a piece of my life is gone, but I fear it is me that is wrong.
I’m missing my life, my love ,my kids & the sun! I’m missing it all because I feel numb.
I’m tired of hurting and wanting and needing. I just feel That darkness and sadness are leading.
I’m dead, I’m crying, I’m hurting, can’t you see? Can’t you see what’s happening inside of me?
I can’t leave this world, I have too much to live for…..two beautiful girls & a wonderful man that I adore. I have it all, right now, this moment, today. But in the blink of an eye it could all go away!
I have all that I want but I’m dead can’t you see? What I want and don’t have, is that nice family tree.
I want them to love me for who I can be, I thought they were dead, but the “dead” one is me.
Help me! Help me!,, I’m sinking like a ship! I need a life jacket, now, one that won’t slip. I want to save myself, but I don’t know how to swim, my head is going under & I feel like I can’t
I hate them! I love them! How can they do this to me? How could they do all that they did to hurt me? The hurt and the sadness are weights pulling me under, there are mazes, darkness, lightning and thunder.
I’m dying, I’m drowning in my world full of fear…..HELP ME! SAVE ME ! I wish a lifeboat was near!
A lifeboat is near, it’s inside of my soul. Others can’t save me, it is alone that I must crawl out of this hole. Alone & by myself, that’s one of my biggest fears. No one can be magic or save me and my lifetime of full of tears.
I want someone to fix it, fix me, fix it all. I thought that’s why Daddy’s were so big and so tall!
I don’t have a Daddy, a Momma or brothers, now I must try to trust some of the others.
Trust is a hard one for me to believe, whenever I’ve trusted, they make fun & leave!

I wrote this poem in about 1998! It was about a year or so after I tried to confront my parents about the abuse I suffered as a child growing up in their home. The abuse which continues even today and has never gone away! But now my mother has passed away (12-21-02). One saving Grace is that she told me that she “loved me infinity” before she died. She never said those words; and to me, she was saying that she was “sorry” in a way that she could say it! I forgave her, sang to her and spoke softly in her ear. But from that day forward, my father and brothers were more abusive than ever before. They still are doing things on purpose, just to be hurtful and horrible….any and every chance they get!
In that poem, I spoke of being afraid that everyone who does or did love me, would be gone” …I say “it could all be gone in the blink of an eye!”
Well….after all that I had already been through, I had no idea what was to come …..because in 2004, July….I did “lose” my eldest daughter. She chose a life with my abusers, all of them! She chose a boy in school who was known as A “bully”. He did illegal & immoral things. His mother called and lied to me, for her son and my daughter! My ex got involved and then my father & brothers joined in and they all have watched and gotten pleasure from my pain! They helped her turn away from me, from us…
My ex, their father, was found “Guilty” of a crime against a young woman and I was subpoenaed to testify against him after he was abusive to me, to our dog, to us! He was ordered by a judge & CFS, to have “supervised visitation” only! He chose to move 1,000 miles away! I had no choices, but he sought revenge and he sat quietly waiting for the teenage years of rebellion! He was never a “father” to the girls during their childhood. . took advantage of that and anytime I’d try to teach “good values” and morality, he’d find a way to go against me and hurt me. Truly that hurt our daughter also, but she won’t see that or try to understand that ….until, or unless one day her own daughter insists at age 17, when she’s not even graduated from High school, yet she wants not only “permission”to sleep over night at her boyfriends house (in the same bed & room but she wants to smoke cigarettes & pot, drink alcoholic beverages, meet older boys at the park , in their cars, & make exchanges for one thing or another! We, as young parents may say to ourselves “oh ….THAT will never happen to me, or to us…..but it did and it does! No amount of love, being there and being available, keeping a good schedule and good rules, never missing any event that is important to them. Nothing can stop it from happening to any of us. I hope one day she’ll understand that I loved her enough to let her hate me!
Well….by then I had already been in a car accident,(2002-a man ran through a red light) had several surgeries, including a pacemaker and three years of brain injury rehab! I had 8 years of Physical therapy & then I had a heart attack after my 1st “Mother’s Day” without my eldest daughter! A year later, I had a CVA aka: a stroke! I acquired a horribly painful & progressive autoimmune, nerve disease called “RSD/CRPS” or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome II! Now it’s been almost 81/2 years since she left….the attempts that I made were mostly in the first 3 or 4 years! I had sent mother/daughter “Mizpah”necklaces. I sent cards each week with just loving messages, no preaching. In 2007, I texted her & sad “Im thinking of you and I love and miss you!” She did text me back & asked me to come to meet her at her job at a hair salon. I went and it was Nov. and very cold outside; which makes pain worse! She came out & talked at my car without ever inviting me inside nor introducing me to anyone! We met for lunch twice and it went OK, but All she talked about was her father & his new kids and family! I asked if she could talk more about herself and her life instead of my ex who was abusive & horrible to me & us! She didn’t call and I never heard from her until one day I got a text which read “Suzanne…why do you think people care about you? THEY DONT!!” I cried and my heart was broken again! Ive heard nothing now since 2007! My heart will remain broken because a piece of “me” is missing now! The door will always be open for her, at our home!!!

***these are some of the nice words she wrote to me only one year before she lost all love & respect for me after being hurt in a MVA…she wrote the one note in the front page of a scrapbook she made for me for a holiday gift. I had made one for her and her sister and she knew I wanted one too! The other is a poem she wrote for me on “Mothers day” 2003. But then I later found out it was for a grade…a homework assignment in school! But I still felt that it was wonderful! I’ll always love both of my daughters!! I feel a huge hole in my heart