The Two Shall Become One….

I have the most exciting news! Today’s post is going to be more photo’s and less “blogging”. I’m on “cloud 9” as I’m so excited that my youngest daughter, became engaged tonight to a wonderful young man! They’ve been dating about a year and 3/4 and her fiance’ did take us aside a couple of weeks ago and he asked “our permission and for our blessing, to marry our daughter! He said that he “loved us” and He “loves her and is crazy about her and he wants to marry her”!! Of course we said “yes, you have our blessing!” I even added that “we love him” and I said that we “are thrilled to have him be our “son”. Here are the pictures and the story for your enjoyment:


Hello Luvs,

OMG!!! I/we are so excited to welcome a son in law, into our family! He and my youngest daughter are getting married next Year and We could not be happier! He is the “son” I always hoped to have, he will be a wonderful son(in law..LOL). We are so blessed to have our family be growing and have our daughter be so happy and blessed and in love, as well!

He took our youngest daughter to their favorite pastime, a Detroit Tiger’s baseball game. After the game, they went to their favorite restaurant, “The Melting Pot”. While they were gone, her fiance’s sister, (she is 19 or 20 years old and in College. She and my youngest daughter get along so great and they do a lot together. I’m so happy that my daughter is gaining not only a wonderful man to be with her forever, but a “sister” too!) was decorating my daughters’apartment with balloons, a sign, flowers and rose petals! She was so surprised and so excited and we just couldn’t be happier for them both! My daughter just got her “dream job” and she’s so happy about that as well. Her life is coming together and I’m proud to say that I have done the best job I knew how and I think she turned out to be such a wonderful and blessed young lady! Check out the great photo’s from this memorable occasion.



the decorations that they arranged and had his sister do, while they were gone






IT’s So AWESOME & Sparkly!!


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