A Performance in ASL to Katy Perry’s “ROAR”

This video is a tribute for NOVEMBER being RSD/CRPS AWARENESS month! I did a performance of Katy Perry’s “ROAR” (no copyright infringement intended. All copyrights goes to Capitol records, Katy Perry and anyone else who owns the rights to this song)….I performed it in American Sign Language. I used to be an Interpreter for Deaf and I worked at University of MICH hospitals and several school systems and interpreted for students and patients. I got injured seriously, in a MVA in 2002 and suffered an MTBI and had 3 yrs of TBI rehab. I’ve been permanently injured and disabled due to the nerve injuries, chronic pain, RSD/CRPSII, and more. I’ve never been a “quitter” and I am strong and will never give up. This song says just that. It also talks about “fire and burning”…RSD/CRPS is a “burning on fire kind of nerve pain…This is a tribute to those of us suffering with this horribly painful disease….It’s a performance of me signing to the song and it’s filled with a lot of emotion as you will see…thank you for watching…Suz


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