HE LIFTS US UP: A Call Out to the Abusers!

This is what I think …these words could be my own …but someone else wrote them; although I’ve been through it….-as for me in my life , there seems to be no end to it. I’m lucky to have finally found a loving, non-abusive spouse for these past 17 years. But the family, they never stop with the never ending cruelness, insults, ongoing abuse and never ending alienation from anyone that might love me…I re logged this authors post because it hit a nerve with me in my life!!!


This statistic was given to me and I want to share with all of you…


The cycle of abuse has to be broken for the sake of our future generations. We all need to evaluate our own hearts, scanning every part to realize how we actually treat people. Do we yell and scream and lash out verbally?  Do we act out in anger? Do we react with threats and  violence? Do we want our own children to be abused or violent abusers? Think about it!! The cycle of abuse has to be broken!!!! We need to treat people the way that we would want to be treated!


This is a different message…

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5 thoughts on “HE LIFTS US UP: A Call Out to the Abusers!

  1. Thank you so much for the reblog Suzanne. I totally understand what you go through even though I still wait on my next husband. The abuse from families continues until that cycle is broken and soul ties broken. I write about my struggles with my ex and his family in my book, The Walking Wounded. I hope that you will read it. I still have to pray for them today even though I have no contact with them. The attacks are still felt especially as my children still have some contact with their dad and his family. These soul ties have to be broken to be totally set free. Many blessings to you, my friend.


    1. thank you for your comments and for your song and for your book. I’m going to right now try to find it for my kindle. If you or anyone should wish to read my “private” blogs, (I’ve had to make them private due to the abuse that ensued each time I posted)…please just leave me your email and I will put you on the “allowed to read” list and you then would just go to: http://www.motherof2girls.blogspot.com and the other is http://www.youNmeandacuppatea.blogspot.com and i have a picture/photo blog that I used to love posting pictures of things we did but then I got more abuse so it’s also private …but it is at: http://www.allthedayzofmylife.blogspot.com ….that also goes for anyone who would like to read any of these…just leave me your name and email and a place where i can look you up to make sure you are not one of my abusers “hiding” out…such as a public page or something etc..anyways…the above song is so awesome and theres another song that I really like too …called “Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride, I believe….it really hits home as well…thank you again for allowing me to post your song and your blog post…maybe you can tell me how to find your book? I will try first at Amazon/kindle…


    2. Thanks Suzanne… Yes, please add me to your list. My email is secretangel.ps911@gmail.com.

      God is so good!! There are no coincidences in this world. What you said is so amazing because I just heard Martina McBride’s song “Concrete Angel” this week. I would love for someone to get her to listen to “Walking Wounded”. She would be a perfect person to sing it. Diana and I are both praying that she or someone like her would hear it and want to use it to raise money for abuse victims. We have pledged all proceeds to Secret Angel Ministry where our vision includes safe houses for victims Our song is on Amazon. Please put a comment for it if you don’t mind. However, my publisher has not gotten my book on Amazon yet. I have a Kindle and tried to download the ebook from my website to test it but it will not let me since my Kindle and my accounts are all under the same email. If you wanted to try it, I will refund your money if it does not work or I will mail you a copy of the book. I really appreciate your kindness and support. 🙂


    3. yes, please I will send you a check or use Pay pal? I would like your book. I have a hard time remembering what i read since my TBI and the MVA. I re-read and re-read so many times and sometimes I just stick to blogs and short stories and magazines. I get so frustrated because I went to college and was an all “A” student. My degree was in ASL/sign language studies & Interpreting for the Deaf. I went to the only 4 yr. University in the USA in Livonia, MI called “Madonna University”. I graduated in 1985…LOL…did you happen to see my signing of the song “Say Something”? I put it here a few days ago or a few posts ago?? You will like the feelings you can see in my face as it matches what is in my heart…Im so sad right now…deeper sad than I’ve been in quite awhile….I’d like to read your book and email you and may I put you on my blogs, the private ones?? thanks..suzanne…your newest friend and fan…


    4. Thank you so much Suzanne. Yes, I saw your signing for that beautiful song and the pain in your face is evident. I see your sadness. I pray that God will lift you up when you read my book and bring healing to you. He has shown me that there is so much more than we can see in this world and He is the Key to overcoming. I pray for healing for your body, soul, and spirit for our wounds are deep and affect us physically as well as emotionally. The book is written in easy chapters so you will be able to follow. God orchestrates even the writing of the book as He gave me the words and even the format. I have a PayPal account on my site and I will leave you the link. Yes, please put me on your pirivate blogs so I can follow you. I understand. What you are going through. I will continue to pray for you. Thanks again and many blessings to you!!

      Here is the link with the PayPal…


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