The Walking Wounded — A Book Giveaway!!!

This Blog is an awesome Blog and the writer has become a trusted “angel” friend to me. I have posted her song and am re posting again to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and also I am going to be posting this song with hers and Diana’s permission I’ll be performing it in ASL or American Sign Language. I hope to have that done soon…again thank you for your friendship and “Happy Birthday”…xx “Tears Of Truth”

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

The Walking Wounded — A book giveaway!!!

As promised as we just  celebrated the 1st birthday of The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, it is time for a book giveaway! I had said that I would make a posting with the comments, but every comment touched my heart and I just humbly bow before God in praise for the hearts that He has touched through my blog. You see, it’s not me. It is all about Him.  It is only through God that lives can be transformed. As we submit to His Will as broken vessels, His Light will shine through the cracks and crevices of brokenness. God is using many of us to shine His Light to help the many victims who are still struggling in abusive situations. And, many of us still have our own periods of struggling. We still have wounds that reveal themselves as a seemingly…

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