If You Liked Disney’s movie “Frozen”? You’ll Love This….

This is to cheer you up and hopefully make anyone in pain or who is suffering, a little bit cheered up today. This is me doing ASl or American Sign Language to the song “Let It Go” from the Disney Movie “Frozen”. I hope you like it and have fun with it and get a bit cheered up at least as much as I did doing it…thank you for watching…if possible at all….could you…would you go to the you tube link after you watch it and just click the “LIKE” button? Thank you so much. I am a Hearing Impaired individual who used to be an Interpreter for the Deaf. I have been fitted with 2 BTE Hearing aids since I was in a MVA in 2002. My cerebellum was injured and I suffered a MTBI and then I had to undergo: 12 surgeries and had a heart attack, a stroke and a vision convergence insufficiency and dry eyes and also moderate hearing loss. I love Deaf culture and I don’t see it as a disability at all. My disabilities are my illnesses and chronic, burning 24/7 pain from RSD/CRPS full body/systemic. I have to “pay” for the videos for a day or two and the day that I do them, with a lot of pain. But it keeps my brain working and keeps me busy and I dont’ want to be a “lump” on my couch as I had been for the first 3 yrs …I finally have a good team of Dr’s and the right medications to help me now. But I still suffer. I hope you enjoy this and I hope it cheers you up a bit. I have a few other videos here that you may want to watch as well. I did ASL to the Katy Perry song “ROAR” and I did it to the song “Say Something” by Alex and Sierra….thank you so much…“Let It Go” From FROZEN in ASL</