Awareness In ASL!…….November is Here Again!

This is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness Month. I am Hard of Hearing now and I want to spread the message to a whole other culture of people. The Deaf Community are a culture of people and not people with a disability. I used to be an Interpreter for the Deaf until I was in a car accident and I suffered too many injuries to even try and discuss here today. I suffered a brain injury though, and it medically is called an “MTBI” or “Mild Traumatic Brain Injury” . I react slower, emotions are higher and I hurt too much to move sometimes. I did want to get this message out though and even though I’m not as good, quick or adept as I once was, I now am wearing 2 BTE for bi-lateral, sensory neural hearing loss…moderate.  I am not signing, like I said, in the best way I know I could at one time. Please forgive my slowness and I’m doing my best. I hope this will help get some information about this horrible progressive and painful disease