This is me Doing an ASL Cover to the song “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

When life gets me down…when people are mean and the world seems tough to get thru each day because of my pain and other “stuff”. I do sign language for “fun” because I used to be an Interpreter for the Deaf until I was hurt badly in a car accident.  Now I wear 2 hearing aids and have a MTBI. I am in chronic pain 24/7/365…but I do what I can and how I can and it’s still fun…(except for the pain afterwards)..thanks for watching…

6 thoughts on “This is me Doing an ASL Cover to the song “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

  1. I think that was amazing! I am hearing, and I am learning ASL… I am interested in being an interpreter, and have gone back to school to begin to get my degree(s). I watch your vid with no sound and I was able to follow it completely! I hope to be able to sign some of my favorite songs like that – AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing… it made me smile!

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    1. Thank you so much Chtis! U msde my day!! If u go back a few posts u csn see my asl cover for “let it go!” From “Frozen” and “Roar” ftom Katy Perry! Thank you again!! Ohhh snd yesterday i tranferred seceral songs ive signed in my regular you tube page over to a new “strictly siging songs” you tube page” its at : ASLSuzyQ. You made me smile too!!


    2. Well i babysat for 6 deaf kids with deaf parents fri when i was 12… They taught me some…then i went to madonna university sign language studies /interpreting program and graduated in 1985. I worked at a school for Deaf in 1982-83 with Deaf pre-schoolers … Taught their parents sign language …& did speech /auditory training & i beat out 4 ppl with their degrees already!! Yay!! Then i interpreted at university of mich hospitals & the brighton magnet schools HI program… Then i met the coolest deaf/blind teacher from Gallaudet univ! I did Deaf/blind interpreting for awhile… Then i got hurt in a MVA in 2002 and i got a. MtbI and lost hearing & have dbl and halo vision and the most painful neuro-autoimmune disease called “RSD” aka “CRPS”…. I have sn “about me” page too at.


    3. I read the “about me” and your post telling about your struggles. You are amazing that you keep your courage up and continue forward! An inspiration for sure!


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