I am a Health Activist

I have been a Health Activist and/or Advocate for several years now. I have a support group, that is “closed & secret” to help people in the group feel free to get out their thoughts. If someone wants to join, they just have to PM me or email me and ask. The group is called “Invisible Diseases, Especially Chronic Pain and RSD/CRPS”.  I have been the administrator and sole moderater since 2007, when I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS. This group has over 850 people in it. We all  listen to and help eachother.  I also have fund raisers to help raise money for RSDHOPE.org and in the future I hope to help RSDSA also. I have another support group on Google+ too, but it has only about 120 people and I don’t moderate it much as it is more of an open group. It is called “Be Aware & Care”. I am a Chemo-Angel and have been since about 2005. This means that I get assigned a “buddy” who is going through Chemo therapy and I send him/her weekly notes, small gifts etc; that are uplifting and only positive. I do not expect anything in return. My last “buddy” was a 4 yr old child and my kittly “Luna” was her “Angel Kitty Luna”. I thought it would be more fun for a child to receive gifts/cards from “Angel Kitty Luna”, than an “old lady”….LOL.  She loves my Luna and so much so that I made Luna a page of her own on Facebook, if you want to stop by and visit.  It is called “Angel Kitty Luna Skye”.   Lastly, I have a website at :  http://www.freewebs.com/jewelrymkr and a Tumblr page at:  SupportInJewelry.Tumblr.com where I showcase Awareness/Support jewelry items that I’ve been making since about 2005 also.  I’ve been unable to make any or much jewelry except for “special orders” for the past 2 years or so. My pain has increased since my Physician left abruptly and nobody else wants to  prescribe pain meds anymore for the real people who truly need them.  I try my best to help others because it forces me to focus on something and someone else instead of my physical pain and the rest of it.  I wanted to inform you also that I have  a couple of uplifting pages and another group that is closed but not “secret” on Facebook.  The pages are:  “Hope For Invisible Diseases” (page), “Angel Kitty Luna Skye” (page), “Hope and Freedom From Abuse & Betrayal”(page), and “RASE For Invisible Diseases”(page AND group both).  I hope you feel welcome to visit and “Like” them and stay awhile. You may even add something of your own that is helpful.

I wanted to just share my photo’s from the newspaper a couple of years ago. It was exciting to be one of just a few advocates to get nominated for the Wego Health’s “Unsung Hero Health Activist Award”. Thank you for allowing me to share with you. A new post is being worked on right now and it is coming soon. It is going to be about Chronic Intractable Pain and pain doctors and Opioids. It is going to be discussing the difference between being “addicted” and being an “addict”. Believe me, there is a big difference.  One is being tolerant and phsiologically dependant on a drug for pain that a physician prescribes for you.  The other is being overly consumed with thoughts of and compulsive actions regarding an Opioid medication.  So…watch for that one…coming soon!