Helping University Students Be Aware While Being a Health Advocate for RSD/CRPS

I was seen in a restaurant wearing my RSD/CRPS hoodie sweatshirt and the t-shirt that I bought from RSDHOPE.ORG with the cool Orange, yellow, red flame Awareness ribbon on it for our disease.  The girl, who’s name is Jennifer and who is a student at Eastern MI University, said that she was in a group. She told me they needed to do a project on something that was relatively unknown. So she chose RSD/CRPS when I started telling her about my illness. I told her about the burning fire pain and the allodynia or being too sensitive to touch on my skin. I explained about my “full body /systemic RSD/CRPS” and how I have it inside of my body and that I have lesions and purple, mottled skin and my worse RSD/CRPS left side is bigger than my other side extremities. She was very interested and called her group. They wanted to get involved and now we had a session of questions and answers and info that I did with them last week. Soon we will be having a booth set up for non profit in November at the University. This booth will be for spreading awareness about this awful disease. The more people that learn about it, the better it is for us when we visit Dr’s and E.R.’s and such. Here are a couple of video’s that I made from the meeting last weekend. I have to thank Keith Orsini from for all of the flyers, decals and brochures that he sent for their group and the meeting, with more on the way for the booth in Nov. I also want to say “thanks” to Jim Broatch from for giving me a video to show the group that explained the Dr’s and patients side of view and actually “Keith” was in the video! So here are my couple of video’s to share with you now and one video is the original Question/Answer and information meeting October 2015:

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INFO, Question/Answers To A Group of University Students

Hello Luvs,

Hey I did a little information session and a question/answer part to a group of Eastern MI University students yesterday. It is for their project about learning something that is pretty much “Unknown” and then trying to gain awareness for that “thing”.  Well, I was wearing my RSD/CRPS hoodie one day and this young girl spotted me and asked about the ribbon with flames on it. She asked what RSD/CRPS was about. She said she was doing a project at school and this seemed like the perfect CAUSE for their project! I’m so excited to be their spokesperson, mentor and information person. I get to be a part of a Non Profit booth that they are setting up in November for “RSD/CRPS Awareness Month” 2015!! I’m very excited to be getting brochures, decals and flyers from RSDHOPE.ORG (they are providing me with those things and a banner for the booth). The main purpose is to spread awareness and get the word out because that means that more people will be knowledgeable.  The more that people are educated the more that physicians, E.R.’s and others will try to help us fight this disease. I pray for clinical trials of more meds to help our pain. I pray for more research and kindness and Peace and less pain. Here is a video from my little “talk” today: