INFO, Question/Answers To A Group of University Students

Hello Luvs,

Hey I did a little information session and a question/answer part to a group of Eastern MI University students yesterday. It is for their project about learning something that is pretty much “Unknown” and then trying to gain awareness for that “thing”.  Well, I was wearing my RSD/CRPS hoodie one day and this young girl spotted me and asked about the ribbon with flames on it. She asked what RSD/CRPS was about. She said she was doing a project at school and this seemed like the perfect CAUSE for their project! I’m so excited to be their spokesperson, mentor and information person. I get to be a part of a Non Profit booth that they are setting up in November for “RSD/CRPS Awareness Month” 2015!! I’m very excited to be getting brochures, decals and flyers from RSDHOPE.ORG (they are providing me with those things and a banner for the booth). The main purpose is to spread awareness and get the word out because that means that more people will be knowledgeable.  The more that people are educated the more that physicians, E.R.’s and others will try to help us fight this disease. I pray for clinical trials of more meds to help our pain. I pray for more research and kindness and Peace and less pain. Here is a video from my little “talk” today: