The Heart of a Chronic Pain Warrior!

I wrote a week ago, a response from my heart; regarding the new CDC prescribing guidelines for …but actually “against” Opioids. Here is my shortened version: “From The Heart, About The War Against True Chronic Pain Sufferers!!”
Remember the “War” against carrying a gun? The “bad guys” will always have access & “good guys” die because their weapons are taken away! It’s happening now to pain patients! We are fighting against being “robbed” of the “weapons” we need to fight against the debilitating nerve pain, such as CRPS, that “WE” live with daily. I’m fighting the battle to live not “pain free”; but with less pain and more living!
Those in positions to help, need to take the time to do so! All 50 states now have Proclamations that explain the burning, “fire-like” pain of CRPS. They discuss Allodynia, or extreme sensitivity to touch; and the pain it brings.
But all of this means nothing if the Government, FDA,CDC, Physicians & Pharmacies take away the means of lessening our pain!
We follow the rules, sign contracts with our pain Dr’s & we have to jump through hoops to get what we need to try and live some kind of life.
The other side of the spectrum are those who don’t follow rules & who break laws! BUT they have a different disease called “addiction” and “they” ruin it for all of us. ( I read that only 5% of Opioid prescribed patients, are “addicted”)
Would these same agencies and officials take anti-depressants from the hopeless, or Insulin from a Diabetic?
“They” are trying to make us feel like criminals. Many of us have been through the rigors of the Auto claims adjusters, who have the power to take everything away with the swipe of a pen! It’s ruthless today for people living with chronic pain!
In 2016,conditions will continue to worsen unless we rally and try to do something about this travesty! This year the prescribing guidelines are getting worse. The Physicians are refusing to give medicine for pain when it is truly needed. Those who who are true “addicts” always find a way to get what they need! While law abiding citizens, suffering daily, have no means other than self advocating!
Remember we aren’t “addicts”! We are patients who are suffering daily with nerve pain and who’s bodies are “dependent” upon a medication that helps us live! Without proper pain control, after caring for daily basic needs, there’s nothing left.
It is despicable that some pain Dr’s now are being forced to “push” invasive surgeries on more patients than they would have in the past. Physicians who’ve pledged to “Do No Harm” will do surgery, instead of being scrutinized for prescribing the medicine so desperately needed for the REAL chronic pain population?
There are new controversial prescribing guidelines coming and some already in effect. These are leading to more and more restrictions put upon our GP’s and even tying the hands of our pain management Dr’s. The CDC, FDA, and other groups think that they know more about pain and pain management, when they have never studied such things? They are making it about a fake “war on prescription drugs”! This is some kind of smokescreen for saving money!
I say “Pick on the real criminals”, not the chronic pain sufferers! I feel uneasy & concerned. I went through an awful experience last year, when my Dr. of 12 years left unexpectedly! He left his practice under a cloud of suspicion. I never wanted to take any of these meds. I never smoked or drank! I was just naive enough to think that I could finally trust someone in this life and then the rug was pulled out from under me!
I’ve read that they are taking most pain medications away from anyone with non-malignant pain. Who are the non medical personnel, these agencies, to say that malignant pain is worse than non malignant pain? Unless they’ve experienced either, how would they know? CRPS is #43 on the “McGill Pain scale”, right next to childbirth or amputation of a finger!
These lay people & agencies together are trying to say that exercise, healthy eating habits, along with PT and “behavioral therapy” are an alternative to medication for this kind of pain management! They say that the goal in all of this is to “stop the overdoses and the prescription drug abuse”. In all honesty, if the Dr. is a “good one”, he or she’ll only prescribe the amount needed. Why take it away if the patient & Dr. are doing everything right & when it gives some relief? The innocents should not suffer for the crimes of a few!
They’re saying that the pain meds stop working for everyone & that we all get “addicted”! We are all individuals whose bodies may become physically dependent but that’s very different from addiction.
Many patient advocate groups have written to the CDC and the FDA and explained that they are not being transparent. They used biased teams of people to make up these new “rules” and guidelines. They didn’t listen to the voices of the Dr’s and patients who live in the “Pain world”. They found that many of the people who put these new rules together have a monetary gain!.
One Physician wrote in the Pain Network News, that he has” had patients on higher doses of Opioids for over 20 years and they have some semblance of a life”. He even agrees that taking these meds from us and others like us, who’ve been on long term dosages and who will most likely have to stay on them for their lifetime; is cruel and inhumane treatment! He said that they are “forcing us into suffering, sickness and possibly even death!”
The “addiction specialists” tried to also scream “HYPERALGESIA” to everyone on Opioids for any length of time! If it is working and has been, then how can it be “Hyperalgesia”? If they really think that Hyperalgesia exists and is a problem with high or low dose Opioids, then this one Dr., who did not give his name, said that “we must remove all intrathecal Opioid pumps because these devices deliver a MEQ directly to the CNS receptors that is far in excess of any dosage we can achieve by peripheral administration.”(PNN)
Please use your voice and be heard! We need to form advocacy groups that will work together for the common good! Let’s stick together and not allow ourselves to be treated so inhumanely!