A Call To Action: The War Against Chronic Pain Sufferers & CRPS

Hello Luvs,

I wanted to let you know how excited I am that my blog post about this “war against Opioids” for Chronic Pain Patients, has made it into the Painnewsnetwork.org column and also now has found its way to the blog on one of the 2 National websites for RSD/CRPS ( I think it is on the other one, or on it’s way to RSDHOPE.org website also); RSDS.ORG and it is on their blog. I’ll make it even one easier for you because here is the link:  http://rsds.org/war-against-chronic-pain-sufferers/

Now I wanted to let you know that some of my posts, or many of them have been “password protected” for awhile.  IF you would like to read my blog in its entirety or read some of the protected posts, please please just drop me a quick email telling me who you are. I will in turn straight away send you the new password to those protected blog posts. Don’t be shy, I don’t mind at all. But there are some people who wish me harm and to those people, well we just don’t need them to read anything that may just flare up their tempers or any other unwanted behaviors, right?  Some posts, I just recently protected and those will be open again after awhile, some will always be protected. But please feel free to just ask, because you might get something awesome out of those posts and you may not feel so alone if you’ve gone through any similar situations to mine. Remember my new email and best one for this purpose especially is : RASEforCRPS@yahoo.com, and I won’t hesitate to send you the pw for all of the posts, so you can open and read them.

I was recently asked to be part of a documentary and I even spoke with the news employee and she was really very nice to me. I was going to do the documentary but then I got this bad feeling inside that it wasn’t going to have the same “take” about Opioids that I have in my heart. I’ve never taken an illicit drug, nor smoked pot, nor drank nor did anything considered “risky” or “bad” in my life really at all. I was always the “good girl”. I got hurt in a bad MVA in 2002, and I was forced, to take pain medications, have tons of epidural injections, nerve blocks, trigger point injections, Cortisone/lidocaine injections and I had 3 yrs of TBI rehab and 8 years total of PT and OT. and I’m DONE! The only thing that has helped me at all are the pain meds and I hated them at first. I didn’t want to take them and I was afraid.

You can be afraid, for good reason! If you have a “bad” Dr and he over prescribes and then leaves the practice and leaves you to “hang out to dry” without any help….that’s a bad Dr.!! Now I agree that there are bad patients as well. But the majority of chronic pain patients and those of us with CRPS are not “bad” patients  and we don’t want any meds to gain anything from it except Pain control. I will write to whomever I must to get someone to listen to me, to us and to help us! I will continue to write article after article and talk until I’m blue in the face and my pain is at a #9 if I must, to get someone to listen to me.

People with real pain, are the reason these Opioid medications were made in the first place. We shouldn’t have to suffer because some others abuse the medications!  There are many ways for all of us to be “safe” today with the pain contracts and the drug testing and the “MAPS” computer program and all kinds of things to keep everyone on the “up and up”. So Please, read my articles, in the short form or the longer version, I don’t mind either way. But Someone please listen to me, to us and let our voices be heard….As I started last November 2014 during “CRPS Awareness month” …Let’s “KEEP HOPE ALIVE” …that is MY SLOGAN and I’m sticking to it! #PainedLivesMatter

Thanks, Luvs,