Narcissism, The New Medical Specialty?


Hello Luvs,

Usually I want to write about something that will be helpful for you all. Something to help inform or teach or tell you about. This time at first, I was thinking that this story was just a “whine” session. But I truly believe that I am discussing something with you that hopefully will “teach” you to “RUN” from Dr’s like this, just like I am doing! Of course it’s always up to you and your choice, but this time it is up to me and it is my choice to get the hell away from this GI Dr. and never go back again. Do not “Pass GO”….”do not look back”.

Since this past Summer when I stopped taking the Fentanyl Lollipops for my CRPS and several Chronic Pain Illnesses, I’ve had lower abdominal issues. It’s gotten progressively worse over time and now in the past month or so, I’ve lost about 8 -10 pounds. It is because when I do eat a regular”normal” sized meal; I get really sick. I start to sweat and have burning in my lower abdominal area. Then I feel very nauseous and get diarrhea and every once in awhile I also vomit (only about 10 % of the time). Since I have systemic CRPS, (which means that it is “full body” and inside of my body, they believe) I thought it might be that and the fact that I have Autonomic Neuropathy. I let it go for awhile and finally I made an appointment with my GI Dr.

I’ve only known this GI Dr. since my mother went to him. She died of colon cancer in 2002. Her case went on much too long before she went to get help.  But he seemed like a “funny” kind of guy and nice enough. I need to get colonoscopies every 5 years, so why not just go to someone that a family member knew and got along good enough with?  I have had either 2 or 3 colonoscopies now.  Either way I have only seen him a couple of times and in the GI procedure setting. This time I needed a Dr. to listen to my complaints and give me an idea on what to do. It’s to a point now that I am unable to eat a full meal without getting sick. I’ve lost about 10 lbs and I avoid eating as much as possible unless it’s tiny increments because I hate feeling that way. It’s even worse if you are not at home and at a restaurant.

I went to visit Dr. “M. D.”this past Monday and he was one of the most rude and “God Syndrome” type Dr’s that I’ve met on my long pain voyage.  Now I say “one of” because there have been quite a few  nasty, mean, flippant and/or “God Syndrome”people in the medical profession along my “post car accident injuries, surgeries and pain” journey. This was one of the top 3, I’m guessing. Just for a little “sidebar”: #1 was while I was going through Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation for 3 years. I’d been to several shoulder physicians asking for help with a “nerve zing” that went down my left arm for the year following the accident. This one Dr.from Beaumont Hospital, a Dr. Roland Brandt, said to me “What part of “I can’t fix it for you, don’t you understand? Is it the brain injury?”. I ran out of there as fast as I could with my walker and my transportation driver, while the ladies working in the office seemed flabbergasted that he could’ve said something so horrible to someone in such pain and bad shape as I was in!  As for #2: I was at an Immunologist appt. and had been sent there because I have “Combined Immune Deficiency Disease”. He never took me into an exam room but we went straight to his office. My husband and I sat in these huge chairs that swallowed us up. While Dr. Tulin-Silver looked at me and said “So what is RDS”? My husband and I looked at each other and my husband knew exactly what I needed. We got up and left immediately. Ummm….Dr. Tulin-Silver, it’s called “RSD” and now it’s called “CRPS”. It is a #43 on the McGill pain scale and a very very painful nerve disease. The most painful one right up there with cancer and the pain is equal to childbirth and amputation of a digit, according that same pain scale. By the way, I went to another shoulder Dr. and I didn’t give up. The last one I went to, Dr. J. Michaelson, touched my shoulder or arm in a certain way so that I jumped! He knew exactly what it was. He told me that for that past year I’d had a ruptured biceps tendon, aside from the torn rotator cuffs. It had grown wrong for a year because no one would listen to me. He had to do Open shoulder surgery and drill into my bone. He had to unattach the biceps tendon and reattach it with two screws! That was a painful surgery! He also sent me to Cleveland Clinic for help with my other shoulder. Now that’s a good Dr.!

Let’s get back to my appointment with Dr. “M.D.”,t he GI specialist, this past Monday, February 15, 2016. I told him what was wrong and he first said “Boy you are on a BOATLOAD of MEDS”! He had blinders on and was totally convinced that I was just “stopped up with stool”. He said “constipation causes diarrhea”. Ok, I get that, but the other symptoms with the nausea, sweating and being unable to eat a full meal? Plus the fact that I’m losing weight now because I’m becoming afraid to eat a full meal. It’s gotten worse since I went OFF the Fentanyl Lollipops, this past July 2016.  I’d been on those  for 12 years! I’m on much less medicine now than I was, but he would not listen to me! He made some horrible comments to my husband and to me and I left that office in tears. I had asked for a phone call from him. This is Saturday of the same week and he’s never called me back!

As we were sitting in his office he said to my husband, as he was skimming over the records and notes that I’d brought with me; “Man, OH Man….You got more than you bargained for huh?….I don’t know if  I’d have gone through with marrying her? If I had known ahead of time, I don’t think I would have gone through with it!”  First of all, how does anyone “know ahead of time” anything that is going to happen? Secondly, what about “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health….til death do us part”?   Lastly, I was an innocent passenger of a car that was being driven by my husband and through NO FAULT of his, a man ran through a red light while fighting with his wife. This caused a “T-bone” car accident and I was hurt badly.  Too many injuries and surgeries to list them all here today; and progressively making life more hard while things keep getting worse!   That Dr. then looked at me and said “He still with you ?!” (Now these are not exact word for word accounts, but between my husband and myself, this is the exact idea and very close to what he said to us)….He also looked me in the eye and laughingly, but sickly and seriously said ” …and with all that is wrong and all of those/these medications for all of this time, your Liver is just an innocent bystander in all of this”!

I know can you even believe this guy? I know the pain meds that I need to live with now, because of the multiple injuries from a car accident, 8 surgeries and then getting several pain illnesses including the systemic/full body CRPS and so much more can cause a big strain on the liver. This is why I ask my GP to get the AST and ALT  labs done every 3 months. Hopefully, we would catch anything wrong, coming up very early on and would be able to switch to a different medication or something? It was just an unkind and flippant way to say that to a person sitting there asking for help with a different issue. He was trying to tell me/us that I’m going to die sooner than later, I’m guessing?

The other few times that I’ve had the colonoscopies done by him, he hadn’t seen me in the office and I’m guessing he didn’t really look at my chart or know anything about me? But he did see that I was a pretty thin lady back then and so he gave me a different prep for the procedcure. I told him back then and I told him this time, that I had been abused as a child and my parents had given me “syrup of Ipecac” when I was given any food at someone else’s house. I had to be chased around the kitchen, while I was screaming and crying because I was forced to take a couple of Tablespoons of this nasty “medicine” and then forced to drink several glasses of water. I was put on a shower curtain, on the living room floor with a bucket and sitting on a little wooden rocker, to wait for the explosive vomiting that was to come and get rid of any food that might “make me fat”. He told me that I just had to: stop eating solid food and have clear liquids for 2 days instead of the usual 1 day. I was to take 2 Ducolax pills at 5 pm and 4 more at 9:00 pm the night prior to the procedure! That was all I had to do! He never complained or could not do the test! He never said a word to me about anything except that it was “all good, fine, OK” and then “see you in 5 years!”

I probably weigh 25 more pounds than I did 5 years ago, but I’m more “normal” weight now and I’ve even lost 8-10 lbs in these past few months.  So I tried to remind him  that I could not do the “normal” prep. I would not do well with the “explosive diarrhea” and my atrial fibrillation, pacemaker, history of heart attack and a Stroke/CVA. He said “stroke???”….”You LOOK FINE! I don’t see any deficits?!!” (**There was a cane sitting next to me in my chair. He had not seen me walk and because I wear make up and choose to dress nice, does not make me “FINE”).  I tried to tell him that I had eyes that don’t close when I sleep because of the nerve damage from the injury to the Cerebellum with the TBI and then the stroke caused right side weakness and my right foot has worse “foot drop” than left. The right side of my mouth goes downward especially when I am tired. Also, if you look at some photographs of me, you’ll see that one eye does something different than the other eye as well as my mouth not being the same on both sides of my smile most of the times.  He did not listen, and he told me to “HOP UP onto his table”.  The table for an exam was pretty high and he wanted me to “hop up onto it”. I looked at my husband and of course, being the woman that I’ve always been, I tried to do it. I was unable to get up there and asked for my husbands help and then the Dr. proceeded to lower the table so I could get up on it. Was that some sort of test? Was he trying to see if I could or couldn’t get up on it? Why was he treating me this way? This was not an IME by the insurance company! I was paying him to treat me this way!

So he told me again that he totally thinks that the only thing wrong with me is that I’m totally “plugged up with stool” and I needed an Abdominal X-ray and the colonoscopy. I told him again that I usually don’t have to do the big prep like other people have to do because I’m unable to drink that liquid. I vomit and gag while trying to drink it. So he instead, gave me a “OMNI-PREP” of 32 pills to take “4 every 15 minutes” from 5 -9pm the night prior to the test. But ALSO, to “not eat anything but clear liquids for 2 days and then the first night to drink a bottle of citrus magnesium  in the evening with 7 up”. This prep is more than my 180 lb husband has to do??? I started crying and he left. I asked the ladies at the front office to please have him call me about the prep. Why was this time different from the others? They said he would call. This is Saturday and that was last Monday, he never called.

I had the X-ray done and I never heard from him so I went to pick up the report results myself. We took them to my GP appointment. So it says that I have “moderate stool” in my colon, which is perfectly normal. I’m not “plugged up” and I have diarrhea, so I’m surprised there was even a “moderate” amount. It also says that I have some Osseous calcifications in my pelvis called “Phleboliths”. They are supposedly not clinically significant but can cause or come from chronic constipation. I’ve had that problem for a long time since being on those older meds for pain. But now that I’m on 1/2 the amount I was on before this past July, it’s turned around  and turned into diarrhea and nausea after eating, plus a burining feeling. My G.P. sent me to a different GI Dr. and I have an appointment on March 30th. I will never go back to Dr. “M. D.” again. My husband says not to write or call anyone because it won’t make a difference. I’d like to call and tell someone, but if it won’t matter, I guess it won’t change anything. I just need to go elsewhere.

So he was 100% wrong and I’m not “plugged up” to the eyeballs with stool and I definitely don’t need a 2 day prep taking a whole bottle of citrus magnesium the first night and then 32 pills the next night? That’s totally ridiculous and my G.P. even said that was “over kill”. I called my Neuro-Cardiologist and the Coumadin Clinic….because the nurses told me to “stop taking my Coumadin also”! NO….NO…No…Never stop taking your Coumadin (blood thinner for history of stroke and for atrial fibrillation, an arrythmia in my heart) unless or until your heart Dr. tells you to do so! The nurses at the Coumadin Clinic said they were going to talk to my Neuro-cardiologist and tell him about this and they were appalled by this “overkill prep” on someone in the pain that I am in and with the illnesses that I have! I honestly believe that this prep could have hurt me or killed me. I also have a pacemaker and I’m just still honestly in shock to be treated this way because once again “I LOOK FINE”!

Many of the illnesses that I have are called “Invisible Diseases” or “Invisible Disablilities”. I have even done a commercial for the Invisible Disablilites Association’s, You Tube Channel. It is called “Invisible No More”. I am going to post my Video, the one that I did for them a couple of years ago in 2013. But I wanted to blog about this experience because if this should happen to you…..RUN….DO NOT PASS GO…..DO NOT COLLECT $200.00! Find another Dr. and do not go back to someone who treats a person this way.  I did not post his name because I did not want to do that to anyone except the Dr’s that I’d seen several years ago and so I decided to post their names. This guy, is in my hospital system and I don’t want to run into him someday while inpatient and feeling “helpless”; so I chose not to print his name. Thank you so much for coming here to read my blog and I hope that I can help someone with some of the things that I write about.