A short 2 minute video letter to CNN 

Hello Luvs,

Here is something that some of you had been asking me for..LOL..you had asked me to make a shorter video that you could watch and share to spread the word that #peoplewithpain matter and #painedlivesmatter and we are #chronicpainpatientsnotaddicts….here is a short 2 minute video…I hope you like it:



2 thoughts on “A short 2 minute video letter to CNN 

  1. Hi Suzanne Thank you for making this video! I’m a chronic pain patient and I wish we weren’t categorized as addicts. We see a pain management doctor and fill our prescriptions appropriately. I take my medications as needed also. Very sad society knocks us down when we are trying to get back up. If you ask any chronic pain patient they wish they wouldn’t have to take pills to get through the day!

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    1. Thank you so much! It’s so true! I wish I didn’t have to depend on one person in order to try and live some semblance of a life! Thank you so much for visiting my blog


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