Lifeboat Act Will Drown Those Who Live With Chronic Pain

Hello Luvs,
There’s a new proposed tax by Senator Joe Manchin from W. Virginia & 6 other Democratic Senators! They’re being supported by Hillary Clinton! This tax is called “The Budgeting for Opioid Addiction Treatment Act”. It is also known as “The Lifeboat Act”! It’s no “lifeboat” for anyone except for the big addiction treatment centers who stand to make millions of dollars yearly!

These Senators want to make the chronically ill and those persons suffering with the highest amount of pain, pay for addicts to get help for their addictions! Why on earth should pain patients have to pay for anyone to get treatment, while they’re struggling with medical bills as it is??

Would it be OK then, to force people taking anti-depressants to pay for an eating disorder treatment center because some of them possibly also have an E.D.? Should Insulin dependent Diabetics pay for new Dialysis centers ? Then what next? 

It’s not good, fair or proper to force a tax & punish innocent people who are already struggling & suffering! It’s about as ridiculous as that “Device Tax” that Pres. Obama had proposed last year that got shot down, luckily before it ever started!

When will “they”get it through their heads that pain patients who suffer with chronic pain day after day, are NOT addicted to their Opioid pain medications!!?? They do not get any type of a “high” from these meds. Suppose these Senators took the time to ask anyone suffering from debilitating pain, if they like these medications; they’d find that the answer is “No”!

Chronic pain patients are not  addicts! An addict doesn’t just depend on their Opioids, but they crave it, obsessively think about it and seek it out for stockpiling! The difference again is that persons in pain, daily chronic pain; don’t want to take it and they don’t think about it. Their bodies may be physically dependent on the Opioids, but their brains couldn’t despise them more! But don’t misunderstand me please! The pain patient is grateful for this medication that will give them relief! Also please note that relief is very different from a high!

This proposed tax is ludicrous and just crazy!  It will increase the suffering of those who already suffer every single day of their lives!! I have noticed that many persons who’ve lost someone that they love due to an overdose; are supporting this proposed tax! I have lost someone I cared about due to an overdose! Though I’d never dream of punishing others because of my inner pain! Chronic pain patients did not kill my friend years ago! My friend didn’t act responsibly, took more pills than what was prescribed for her and killed herself by accident! 

Don’t punish chronic pain patients, cancer patients, persons with MS, RA, Degenerative Disc Disease, failed back syndrome, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Arnold Chiari Malformation and /or many other illnesses that can cause sometimes unbearable daily pain! It’s not American! It’s not right or fair and it will not help anyone except for the Government and the addiction treatment centers!

Please go to my Facebook page called “People In Pain Unite” to get more information on this Proposed tax. Please place “#peopleinpainunite” on everything that you write or post against this tax or against the “Lifeboat Act”! Please help us by writing to your Senators and the Senators listed on my Facebook page called  “People In Pain Unite”! Write letters to your  Governors, and even to President Obama.  Please watch my videoes below, to get a few minutes of information regarding this “Budgeting for Opioid Addiction Treatment Act”! See how YOU CAN HELP US!!  Help us STOP THIS ACT/TAX before it even begins!! Lastly, please SHARE and contine to share this post, my Facebook page and these videos!

Thank you so much for your time! Lastly, please sign the petition named in the photo below. Go to that website and sign this petition to STOP this “Lifeboat Tax”!