Helpful Insights on CRPS

Hello Luvs,

Here are some ideas for mostly helping with CRPS-Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I’m sure you could use this advice for any chronic pain illness. The ideas are those from Dr. Pradeep Chopra, MD. A friend of mine went to a seminar that was hosted by RSDSA (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Association),where he spoke. She gave me this info and I put it into list form for you to have and keep. I hope these help some of you!     (from Chantal Granger): 

1. Have all blood work from all your doctors at once

 2. Have them numb spot for IV before they do it

 3. Take pictures of both limbs to take to doc during flare ups

 4. Make a took kit for when you have flares it comforts you like scent word search books special blanket, Pictures etc

 5. Lower nerve blocks are useless if the first few don’t work and it’s not at the start of CRPS

 6. Magnesium is very important 

 7.  Pills don’t work as well as rubs oils or salt water made with magnesium salt. 

 8. Always be honest with doctors. Bring all meds to appt and try to have them all work together or exchange info. Bring list for treatment plans and anything new to all doctors

 9. SCS (Spinal Cord Stimulator) will not help pain as much a few years after. No real way to see if the test is right the wires can move while scare tissue moves or when implanted 

 10. Ketamine- make sure they keep you awake so you can tell them when it’s working so you get lowest dose you need. They should start at 100 and go up too 500. 100 an hour. 

 11. Don’t see a doc you don’t feel comfortable with or one that has No clue what CRPS is. Ask for referral to one that does.

 12. Never say yes to a test or treatment you don’t know about or feel comfortable. 

 13. Bring as much medical information about your case as possible, if you go to ER

 14. Building up brain cells and body nerves with different vitamins will help a lot.

 15. Exercise if you can’t physically if you look at something and imagine your hand reaching for it and imagine picking it up and work at hard at it your brain will start to believe it and that will make that part of your brain stronger.