Becoming Incurable Magazine Feature

Hello Luvs

I’m really excited to share this with you today! The US Pain Foundation has teamed with Victoria Suan, the producer, creator & Director of her Documentary “Becoming Incurable “. I’d written to you about 6 weeks ago regarding the feature film etc. But today I want to share this online magazine that she’s made to compliment the video compilations and her Documentary!

I am the middle of 3 persons being featured in this online magazine. I’m being featured for the illness of CRPS. This is thrilling and just so very exciting to be a part of this beautiful project to spread awareness of chronic pain and illness.

Becoming Incurable magazine feature

3 thoughts on “Becoming Incurable Magazine Feature

  1. Looks good! Interesting enough my neurosurgeon told me. Nothing else we can do, you will be affected indefinitely.
    Pain Management doctor said the same thing: Indefinately. My PCP answered the This Question: When will the employee be expected to recover? A. NEVER
    Dx; Post laminectomy syndrome (post fusion with instrumentation) nerve roots encased in scar tissue. No more injections.
    Dx: Severe Osteoarthritis -Spine, hips and shoulders.
    Tim Mason


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