Inhumane Treatment Of Pain Patients In USA

I opened up My friends blog today (“Pharmacist Steve”). It is Steve Ariens Blog; and I saw a story of torture. There is torture going on in America! I’m seeing it every day now on the Internet! More & more chronic pain patients are being treated like common criminals! This is despicable! My God, are we living in North Korea, Afghanistan or in some 3rd world country (whos people , by the way; don’t deserve this kind of treatment any more than we don’t!!)?

How can the news media, @CNN, @MSNBC and all of the rest, be so one sided? Please, I implore you @POTUS, @GovChristie @PetersforMichigan (Senator Gary Peters), @NYGovCuomo (Governor Andrew Cuomo), @onetoughnerd (Governor Rick Snyder of MI). I implore you to think of the forgotten legitimate chronic pain patients. People are now living with daily chronic pain and receiving no treatment at all. They being totally forgotten & considered collateral damage of this “fake war on drugs” ! It’s a war against the chronic pain community; because they’re the ones who are dying. The pain community is stuck with zero semblance of a life as all of this is crashing down around them/us! The posted video is not just sad, it’s torturous to listen to. It’s terrible to watch. But it’s true and it’s happening all over the United States Of America! This is a story about a young mother, wife and daughter; who’s going through sheer bloody hell in Albany New York Trauma Center!

“Amy” Amy’s story of Human Torture in a NY hospital! is a young woman who just went through a painful stomach surgery and her stomach ruptured as well! The contents are therefore spreading throughout her body inside and this causes not only sepsis, but horrible excruciating pain! My husband went through it years ago, but they gave him a Morphine pump while in the hospital for several days following surgery. He was given pain relief, as any HUMAN BEING or any living, breathing animal should have!!

This is torturous and despicable treatment of anyone in a hospital, or any patient care facility; let alone, following a stomach surgery! How can the Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York, allow their patient to be treated in such an inhumane manner??? The behavior of the nurses who pledge also, to “care for the sick” and to “do no harm”; is unforgivable! This sort of treatment to other human beings deserves termination. Those so called patient care employees need to be fired and they should never be allowed to not care for another patient! This woman, who has a name, a face, a husband & a family; is living through hell!

You know what though? This is entirely preventable! She is not a prisoner of War! This is a young woman who’d much prefer to have a “normal” life! This young woman has a name, and that name is “AMY”! She has a young child and a husband. I’m guessing that her husband had to leave her to go home and take care of their little one! He had to do that and he thought he’d left his wife in the care of a reputable hospital facility!! Obviously, he was mistaken and that’s really sad!

What if Amy was unable to show us this video? What if she was incapacitated and couldn’t tell anyone what’s happening to her? Please share this video and Amy’s story. Write to your legislators and put a name and a face to all of our stories. Nothing can change if we cannot be brave and do something to help ourselves and to help Amy!

Our government leaders, the news media agencies and society need to as many faces and hear as many stories as possible about us! The chronic pain community being left behind and treated as though we are just collateral damage in the war on drugs! This has taken a turn for the worse. It’s gone from a “war” against illicit drugs to a war against the legitimate chronic pain patients. We will lose & continue to lose if not for people being brave like “Amy”.

Please speak out and tell everyone your story and the stories like this one! Get the word out about how chronic pain patients are not drug addicts. We are not addicted at all! Ask them if they can remember a time when they had lived through their worst pain imaginable? Then ask them to think about that pain never ceasing! Tell them this is what it’s like for us, for you!

Please pass this story around. Know that I received Amy’s video & story from Pharmacist Steve Arians Blog, at:….. It is posted in several places on Facebook. He asked if we could “please make this video go viral”?

Thank you for your help! Please…. let’s all help Amy & all of the other “Amy’s”! Thank you Steve Ariens too!

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  1. I get a kick out of the United States, they talk about North Korea being bad for torturing people, they pass laws protecting terrorists from torturous Pain from the other side of the world who want the United States taken off the map- people and all! Yet us United States Citizens who have done nothing wrong and have to suffer in daily constant Pain, we are Blacklisted, condemned by the U.S. Government and Medical world!
    This United States first let an illegally drunken driver in an 18-wheeler truck at fault for a head on collision here in the U.S. and from another Country, ruin my life when I was 18 years old (killed two friends 19 and 20 years old, and we did nothing wrong), and for which I had to suffer in daily constant untreated Pain for the next more than 10 years- every single day- day after day!
    Where nothing worked to ease the Pain of a C1-C2 fusion not in place right, also had a severe head injury and other severe head and upper body injuries that I was not conscious of existing for a month and far from up to par when I first was conscience, but the Morphine Medicine that worked to ease my Pain I was forbidden to use.
    Then finally after the more than ten years Hell and when I was finally starting to lose my mind from the torturous daily constant Severe Chronic Pain, no more school, not able to work, life didn’t even go anywhere, and for more than 10 years, a Pain Doctor was finally allowed to start treating me with Morphine Medicine that saved my life, and took another decade for being able to use a good working dosage.
    The word hypocrites comes to my mind for how I am once again being punished for other peoples wrongs, made to suffer in Pain for nothing I have done nor deserve- and I am far from the only person treated like this in the United States, and yet the United States talks about North Korea being bad! Yeah right? ?
    Yup- they are doing it to others and myself with a Severe Chronic Pain sickness once again! Even after my using Morphine Medicines responsibly for the past 27 years with NOT one measly problem from it! The Morphine Medicine that saved my life and gave me at least somewhat of a life that I have not had once again for the past more than a year! Yes they just punish me again, this time for drug addicts wrongs that I have nothing to do with- and right here in the “good ole United States!”

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    1. Hey this is powerful! I feel the same! This is my blog and I wonder may I use your story plz, when I speak or write with legislators? Thank you and I’m so sorry for your pain! I too was hurt but not by an 18 wheeler! I suffered in a catastrophic car accident and the guy had tun through a red light! I have a TBI & went TBI rehab for 3 yrs and 8-9 yrs of PT/OT! I’m sorry ! Hey what state are you in? Just curious! Michigan is so far so god & not so bad !


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