The “O” Word

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I have just uploaded a video to my advocacy YouTube channel. I have called it “The “O” Word (The Opioid Issue)”,  It explains a lot about Chronic pain and the issue involving Opoids for the relief of chronic pain. After a pain patient has tried a good number of treatments and they have not worked out, then a patient should be able to make the choice WITH their pain management physician, to either take Opioids or not.  This would be in order to give them some semblence of a life outside of their bed or recliner.  The video is right here, below.  My YouTube Advocacy/Awareness channel is located at:

I don’t want to give too much away, but here is the video:

The “O” Word- The Opioid Issue

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  1. I have not seen a dr. since after being abandoned by my dr. in june of 2017 I can not find a dr. they say my disease of rsd makes me untouchable in the current climent I was hurt in 1988 now I am a problem I kwet medicare part d I will not pay because I can not use. now I guess I am going to loose all medicare then they say I am dening my disability no I am not. I contacted my useless state officials an they told me I got to have my attending dr. release my medicare files so they can look at them I have no dr. he told me get a lawyer.called medicare was told even if I get a dr. if he treats the syptoms only I will be officials after 14 months have never called or a note even 30yrs now I have tried to live a good life did what is needed more these days all I get is I do not understand. I do not either I do not sleep I am so on edge all the time I have pain that makes me puke for no reson can not stand any more afraid to drive I am cold on my right side I sweat through my jeans in the winter I do not go out side to walk dog there is no answer an I am tired how did I get involed in this shit I am dying here . I do not get it. I live in bay city mi.


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