Human Rights Group Addresses Opioid Issue


I was uplifted to see that someone is finally standing up for the rights of 100 million chronic pain patients in these United States of America. We’ve been waiting for a group, a person, a physician or anyone to stand of for this group of people who are mostly too busy worrying about Dr. appointments and just carrying out daily tasks of living to advocate for themselves . Those who deal with daily pain are often too weak to form a huge protest, fight with signs and stand on Capitol Hill for days or hours at a time. Many of us have written letters and tried to encourage people to respond to the FDA docket. Many people have done what they could do to help, while living with illness, chronic pain and debilitating fatigue.

This past week I was so happy to find that a Human Rights group called “Human Rights Watch” has taken an interest in our cause. Someone has finally noticed that ignoring a large group of citizens who live with chronic pain and who are being largely untreated or under-treated, is inhumane! This Human rights group has reported on other forms of torture throughout the third world countries as well. They are based in New York and at last, they are looking towards helping the people at “home”, in the USA. They were doing research on cancer patients and were shocked to find that so many had lost their pain control/relief. This is considered torture in many other countries. Before this Opioid issue began, I never would have believed that the USA would want to torture their most fragile citizens? Hopefully this advocacy group will truly help this cause. They could begin by reversing the effects of the CDC guidelines and by helping to keep the government (and politics) out of practicing medicine. In my opinion, it feels as though some legislators who may want to be re-elected, make a name for themselves or get news media attention have been “using” the chronic pain community for their own gains. One example of politics mixing with medicine is the “Lifeboat tax”. A group of Senators want patients who are taking Opioids, to pay for addiction treatments centers by forcing a tax of .01 cent per milligram of Opioids prescribed daily. But the majority of people who are legitimately prescribed Opioids are not “addicted”. This is wrong and someone has to take a stand, be brave and help those who truly cannot always fight for themselves. Living with untreated and under-treated chronic pain is definitely a human rights issue because people can and do die from it! They pass away because increased amounts of pain can cause very high blood pressure, high glucose level, stroke and a heart attack. But it’s the “living” without pain relief that is the torturous part.

Honestly, removing Opioids from the bigger picture of high pain illnesses, is inhumane. I hope this Human Rights Watch group will help the chronic pain community, curb the fear in our physicians and stop the Government from creeping into our patient/Dr. Relationship and exam room. This group found that nobody has been paying attention to those suffering because their physicians “jumped ship” and abandoned them. They found that the testimonies given by some patients who have lost access to appropriate medications for pain relief, “were similar to those who were victims of police torture”( We needed someone to be brave and step up to help our community.

If you want to help the chronic pain community and/or if you have a story of your own, please write to this group? Share your story in just a few lines. They have asked for people to send these stories to: Human Rights Watch, email researcher Laura Mills at…They also have a Facebook page: and they have a Twitter feed @HumanRightsWatch. The more true stories about increased pain and loss of treatment that can be sent to them, the better. The more real human faces that they can connect with this Cause, the more it will help to stop the continued torture of Americans who rely on Opioid therapy for relief of chronic pain Illnesses.

9 thoughts on “Human Rights Group Addresses Opioid Issue

  1. I sustained a Spinal Cord injury while transferring a patient . I was born with a Tethered Spinal Cord ,which wasn’t discovered ,till 2 yrs after the injury as it was missed on the MRI’s. The Tethered Spinal Cord exacerbated the injuries to my neck , shoulder , Thoracic and Lumbar . I had surgery to release the Spinal Cord and a Laminectomy . I have been diagnosed with Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome , Chronic Pain Syndrome and more… I have been through countless hrs of physical Therapy and about every treatment and procedure there is including injections and stimulators . I still live in pain everyday from the injuries and i have OsteoArthritis in my Spine and both knees which are bone on bone. I was injured at Work so i have to deal with Workers Comp rules requiring weaning off Opioids and the CDC guidelines. Insurance company’s paid off IME Dr , recommended weaning off Opioids , take me off Lyrica and try Neurontin, Eliminated Ibuprofen, Halcion and cyclobenzaprine . take my medicine for pain. I have never got high on it. I have always been compliant with pain contracts. I am not a drug seeker. I am tired of being treated worse than a drug addict. People in pain take it as directed. I have no quality of life . This is not living, it’s slowly dying . I pray that i won’t wake up one day .At least the pain will be gone. I was told i have 5 brain Aneurysms and had surgery on 3.last March. 2 of them are inoperable. I can’t take much more. Thankyou for your help ! You have no idea how much it is appreciated by the pain community !

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  2. I to am a chronic pain patient with many issues, cervical spine fusion, fybro, arthitis, total hip replacement, degenertive disc disease and have tried everything that was an option to be rid of the horrible pain I live in everyday, and like others follow my doctors instructions when taking my medicines. I was on enough medication a few years ago to lead as much of a productive life as possible for being disabled, and then the cdc guidelines were written! My doctor immediately lowerd me to the 90mme dosage leaving me struggle with withdrawels till my body adapted to the new dosage and basically with very little pain control to even make it worth the out of pocket expenses each month with pee test, and pill counts, not to mention travel there and back on a moments notice for pill counts. I receive a small disability check each month, and trying to make ends meet, dealing with pain is becoming almost impossible. I use to be able to do a few side jobs that enabled me a few extra dollars to allow me a dinner out but because of the new dosage being to low, I’ve lost more then just my medicine. This has got to end, it’s torture knowing there’s medicine that gives me life but not being allowed to have it, is also called mental abuse in addition to torture ! I hope this human rights group is able to straighten this mess out, allow our doctors to be doctors and treat their patirnts as a human being should be treated and not a one size fits all mentality because someone without a doctors medical degree tells you what your allowed and not allowed to do !
    I don’t want to live anymore, I have no life, if they continue on this path of human torture by denying us pain medications that allow us to live, why bother ! Death is painless !


  3. Thank you Susan, I love you! You are an inspiration to us all. I’ll definitely be telling my story to the Human Rights group.


  4. Thank you for writing this. Every month as I take the two hour ride to my pain management appointment I am afraid that this will be the month that my medication will be taken. My pain conditions are life long and time has made them worse. I haven’t been able to walk since 2015, and two months ago I broke two ribs sucking too hard on a straw. I take my pain medication as prescribed and have worked many years to develop a relationship with my doctor. I trust her to manage my pain.

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  5. I have 5 bulging discs with nerve involvement, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and fibromyalgia. I am allergic to NSAIDS. I hurt 24 / 7. The new regulations are hurting the patients with chronic pain and who have been carefully monitored by their Dr’s. My medication has been lowered and my ability to perform my daily activities has as well. I have been told to prepare for not having any pain medication at all. This will increase the pain to the point that I will be unable to do daily tasks and it will place an extra burden on my family. I have tried other venues, chiropractor, cortisone shots, epideral etc. None have had any positive affect. They are trying not to do surgery and, at this point, I would not want to due to the regulations on medication that can help following surgery. I feel like the regulations set tends to throw the baby out with the bathwater in that, by trying to go after and stop illicit drug use, chronic pain sufferers, that are following all Dr’s orders, are being hurt and will suffer in an inhumane way. This is like putting the wrong person in jail. I watched my mom hurt for months prior to having a total knee replacement, and then following surgery as well. Prior to surgery my mom was told to take Tylenol . Following surgery the dr has doled out pain meds with an eyedropper. My mom is 72. Due to the pain her blood pressure increased and she had further issues with her blood sugar. People respond to pain differently and respond to medications differently. This should not be a one size fits all agenda. This is about treating people with medicine that is available. By telling a chronic pain sufferer that the medicine is available, but you can’t have it, now go home and suffer, is what a third world country might di, but not America. Go after the drug dealers, get fentenyl and heroin off the streets. Put the makers of these drugs in jail, but don’t hurt the people doing the right things in the process.

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  6. That’s right, WE are not drug addicts. That’s why I wrote this piece, to let people know about this human rights group. To let people know that someone is finally listening to the plea of the chronic pain patients.


  7. I am not a drug addict! I was in a horrific car accident that left me with cervical spine injuries. I have tried several treatments and next is surgery. The pain Meds take the edge off so I can at least get up out of bed and get dressed and try and live my life. With out then I am stuck in bed.


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