Trying to navigate life with a brain injury

Thinking of you! I’ve lived with a TBI since 8-11-02! I’m with you all the way!

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This is not easy! People think they know what is best but for but most of the time they are not right. What someone with a brain injury is able to do depends on their determination  and their willingness to not give up. I served in the military so I have some of these traits already. But often that isn’t enough. Often we need to fight for justice, to get rehabilitation, and recover to a point where we can live.

Relearning activities of   daily living was not an easy task. Frustration often occurred after times of trial. Eventually that task would stick but then a new problem would happen. This never ending cycle made life very difficult.

And yet when that “initial” recovery phase was over, I thought that I was where I would be at the rest of my life. I took up cycling during rehabilitation. I felt…

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