Trying to navigate life with a brain injury

Thinking of you! I’ve lived with a TBI since 8-11-02! I’m with you all the way!

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This is not easy! People think they know what is best but for but most of the time they are not right. What someone with a brain injury is able to do depends on their determination  and their willingness to not give up. I served in the military so I have some of these traits already. But often that isn’t enough. Often we need to fight for justice, to get rehabilitation, and recover to a point where we can live.

Relearning activities of   daily living was not an easy task. Frustration often occurred after times of trial. Eventually that task would stick but then a new problem would happen. This never ending cycle made life very difficult.

And yet when that “initial” recovery phase was over, I thought that I was where I would be at the rest of my life. I took up cycling during rehabilitation. I felt…

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3 thoughts on “Trying to navigate life with a brain injury

  1. I have also been on the 75 patch as well with 4 15 oxycodone and have been for more than 15 years with no problem what so ever until the wonderful person who I never voted for and somehow became the Governor of the state of Maine sighned law 488 stating that all people on opiate medicine must be at no more than 100 mg per day starting July/1/17 ever since then my life has been meaningless basically tv a couch so with the swip of a pen . A fat jackass polatition who is a national joke has basically taken my life from me. Hopefully someday us pain patients can get the proper lawsuits,and these palatitions will think twice before they mess with things they know nothing about.I would also ask If any lawyer ever reads this and would love to take my case I will listen,I’m not in anymeans a sue person but when you mess with my family freedom of life this is where I draw the line.


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