Fighting For Chronic Pain Patients

This is the “Roy Green” syndicated radio show that is heard in Canada & the USA each week. I was contacted by Roy a few days ago and asked to come on the air and speak with him regarding the dire situation that chronic pain patients are living and dealing with these days. I also spoke of how I was informed that I’m losing my own ER/LA pain meds in 2 weeks. The starting point of my segment Is at 39:12 through 54:15. Please feel free to share this with our pain community. Thank you!

Suzanne Stewart on the Roy Green Show, Fighting For Chronic Pain Patients

4 thoughts on “Fighting For Chronic Pain Patients

  1. Hi, Suzanne, I wanted 2 thank you for helping, there are so many people who has sever pain that’s Now being treated like we all are drug addicts… Heroin Abuse and streets Drugs are MAJOR PROBLEM, but I do admit some people taking prescribe medications do abuse but that’s ONLY a Few…NOW We got many politicians sending out misinformed information, so between the Medias and some of the politicians people who has sever pain doesn’t stand a chance…. The CDC making it harder, putting out many guidelines causing doctors 2 run scare and protecting theirs license more than theirs patients. We must continue 2 fight and don’t Give UP. Suzanne continue with the Great Work you are doing… Thank You so much.. FYI Syrinomelyia and Chiara Malformation both can cause sever headaches

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  2. If you are going to write about medical conditions you should first and foremost be accurate about your information. A chiari and syringomeylia ARE NOT THE SAME CONDITION. Syringomeylia is not another name for chiari, you need to get educated before putting out any information.


    1. Hmm I never mentioned the word “Syrinomeylia”? Not once??? I have no idea what you’re talking about.? Or where you got that from? It must’ve been a different person and a different podcast?? You should get your “demeaning put downs” correct, before hitting the “send” button! I mentioned that I have “Chiari with migraines “ that’s all I said about Chiari. So you should listen more clearly & obviously you did not even listen because the word “Syringimeylia” never came out of my mouth! Get your rude snide & incorrect remarks Straight before sending something that is a complete lie!


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