Fighting For Chronic Pain Patients

This is the “Roy Green” syndicated radio show that is heard in Canada & the USA each week. I was contacted by Roy a few days ago and asked to come on the air and speak with him regarding the dire situation that chronic pain patients are living and dealing with these days. I also spoke of how I was informed that I’m losing my own ER/LA pain meds in 2 weeks. The starting point of my segment Is at 39:12 through 54:15. Please feel free to share this with our pain community. Thank you!

Suzanne Stewart on the Roy Green Show, Fighting For Chronic Pain Patients

2 thoughts on “Fighting For Chronic Pain Patients

  1. If you are going to write about medical conditions you should first and foremost be accurate about your information. A chiari and syringomeylia ARE NOT THE SAME CONDITION. Syringomeylia is not another name for chiari, you need to get educated before putting out any information.


    1. Hmm I never mentioned the word “Syrinomeylia”? Not once??? I have no idea what you’re talking about.? Or where you got that from? It must’ve been a different person and a different podcast?? You should get your “demeaning put downs” correct, before hitting the “send” button! I mentioned that I have “Chiari with migraines “ that’s all I said about Chiari. So you should listen more clearly & obviously you did not even listen because the word “Syringimeylia” never came out of my mouth! Get your rude snide & incorrect remarks Straight before sending something that is a complete lie!


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