We are Not Addicts! Get it Through Your Heads!

The Head of CDC says “this is personal “

Read this article and then read my comments here afterwards- please. This is outrageous!

When will they get an unbiased person to take over this “so-called” crisis? An adult, teen or child who willingly takes cocaine or heroin, laced with the bad cara-fentanyl or any fentanyl is wrong for making the choice to do so! This is 100% totally separate from a chronic intractable pain patient getting a prescription from a legitimate pain physician. It’s different because it’s not just a choice, it’s necessary & something many chronic pain patients need to even have some semblance of a life!

If this is such a “personal” matter, then keep it that way! It’s “personal” and those affected by illegal drug use should get the help THEY need; without killing all of the chronic intractable pain patients in the meantime! If we don’t die or commit suicide from living an agonizing “1/2-life” of horrible daily pain, then we are just living a tortured existence of pain combined with fear. Innocent chronic pain patients are also being made to feel like criminals! This is insane!! Please, legislators and others in positions of power over the chronic pain population of this country, take the “personal business “ out of the workplace! Put yourself in the position of knowing that any day you could be hit by a guy who runs a red light, as in my situation! Any one of you or your loved ones could be living with unbearable pain from any number of accidents or illnesses that come up each day! If it was “personal” chronic intractable pain, I’ll bet we’d be getting a different story & a different swing on things!!!

2 thoughts on “We are Not Addicts! Get it Through Your Heads!

  1. David, you got that right! I completely understand, it’s terrible to be tortured by your own friggin government. They are NOT my doctor, They do NOT know me nor any of us who are crying out in pain, all because of something that we had nothing to do with…….. so why are they diagnosing us all as addicts or worse yet, JUNKIES. This is unbelievable. I live in bed, no life anymore. I’m old I know, but I’ve been this way for 18 years and never had any problems with my medications, now they decide to cut back on my medications for conditions that have no cure, ever and never will! Why? We are not addicts, talk to my doctor, come see me, but God help us all! We are like diabetics who need their insulin, we don’t want to take medications, but we have to in order to get a few hours of relief, not complete relief, but my gosh, stop cutting back until there is nothing, nothing, nothing!

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  2. Yeah the head of CDC is the same as dr. Jeff a****** sessions, their kids die of illegal drugs so they make legitimate pain patients pay for it. These pathetic pieces of garbage need to be put in prison or tortured for the rest of their life. I’ve never been one to wish bad things on anybody before but now I hope everyone them get some horrible stinking disease, that’s so painful they die in agony.

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