Pain, Politics, Suboxone & Bupenorphrine

Please watch this informational video about the a patient removed from the only medication that helped lower pain. Also, much information regarding the dangers of Suboxone /Bupenorphrine.

Pain, politics & Suboxone/Bupenorphrine


3 thoughts on “Pain, Politics, Suboxone & Bupenorphrine

  1. Suz, this video really hit home as I’ve experienced at least 90 percent of what you’ve gone through from the start of the journey through current. I could write a 300 page book on every subject you’ve experienced. Thanks for making and sharing the video. I’m going to share it as needed. Suboxone is horrid and no one should be described this drug. Hang tough, I’m rooting for your camp and you personally! You’re a absolute treasure! Thank you so much!

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  2. I just watched your utupe video. I’m a cpp. I was on oipiod pain medication for 15 years. My pain journey started at age 12. I was in a very bad car accident that broke my tailbone. That same year I came down with endometriosis. I’m 56 now and have had 12+ surgery’s that caused so much more damage. I did not start oipiod therapy until late 30s. I can not take otc meds because of so much damage from taking them for 30 years they almost killed me. I was given a new lease on life when at 39 a very good pain Doc got me on a dose I stayed on 15 years. A year in half ago my primary showed me a letter the DEA kept sending him. It suggested he send me to a pain Doctor. For almost a year they continued to perscripe my meds. Then a big pain chain bought them out. In January this year the started weaning me down. Then they took me off. I ended up in the hospital due to pain and withdrawals. They put me on subutex telling me it was a new oipiod therapy. I’ve been on it 2 months now and feel awful. I’m so so scared! I’m freaking out and want off! I’m so scared it will kill me. Help please. Thank you so much.


    1. The only way I may be able to help is to put you In touch with another person who had the same thing happen! He’s been talking out loudly against this stuff. He’s been trying to get off but says it’s worse withdrawal and pain, than any opioid he’s ever had. Do you want me to have him contact you? Please use my email : and tell me how he can contact you?
      I’m so sorry


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