Some “Gifts” From The CDC

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In writing to Sandra Cashman, MS, Executive Secretary to Office of Chief of Staff at the CDC, I inquired about the CDC guidelines. I wrote about the way that pain patients are being harmed. Telling them how many people including me, are being force tapered. I asked if the “Fentanyl patch” was truly illegal now; for anyone without non malignant cancer pain (as my pain Dr recently told me. He also told me that “I’m educated and should be able to find this info to corroborate what he’s telling me”)!

Below is the response that I received back from her, along with all of the “educational” materials that they sent to me. You may or may not be able to use any or some of this info that I’ve posted. But if it can help you in any way, feel free to copy & paste anything that may be helpful to you. ***PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE NOT THE LAW. THESE ARE JUST THE GUIDELINES AND BROCHURES SENT FROM THE CDC (which may be or most likely is bias)…

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Another File along with the full CDC Guidelines are here for you:



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  1. I get so confused when my doctor asks me what percentage a treatment improves my pain. She asked me what percentage trigger point injections improve my pain, and I tried to give her a verbal description but she insisted on a number. I said 70% because I was afraid she’d discontinue them if I didn’t give her a favorable number and they do help me, but only in the short term. So, she wanted me to come more often for the injections. I was just so confused, honestly. They help with reducing my headaches, they help me sleep better for about a week, and I’m looser for maybe 2-3 weeks tops. But only in my upper body. That kind of verbal description wasn’t sufficient — she wanted a number and a number was frankly meaningless to me! It’s not like they cure me, but they do benefit me.

    I wish I could be assessed in a more meaningful way. I didn’t realize the significance of this until you posted this information so thank you! I will try to figure a meaningful way to describe things numerically if I can. Sigh. By nature, I am a verbal person (as you can see!). I thought saying, “This helps me and I don’t want to discontinue it” would be meaningful enough.

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    1. Yes & don’t be forced into saying anything you don’t want to say. You might try “I can say the injection helps about 70% for a week. Then it doesn’t help much at long term – maybe 10%?”…just a thought also be careful because those Injections can actually cause more problems for your spine. Things such as Ankylosing Spondylitis… just FYI 😊😊


    1. If you can look back a few posts, I explained all about how he’s lied to me. He told me I’m educated and I should find out that he’s telling the truth by researching on internet. I know he’s lying and I wrote the CDC to get the proof I needed . But they just sent me this info that’s not all true actually. I needed proof in writing that fentanyl is not “off label” to prescribe for daily chronic horrible pain … he’s telling me that the DEA says it’s only for malignant cancer pain. I absolutely know he’s lying . But I live with ptsd and I’m more afraid to find a new dr. Besides that, I don’t want to depend on any damned Dr for my life anymore. I prefer to stay in my nice recliner with my loving husband and my loving cat & just be in pain. At least I won’t be stigmatized, or NEED anyone every 30 days. I won’t have to urinate in a cup at 56 yrs old either- for a drug test. Until things change I’ll continue advocating as much as I can from my bed, for others. But I’m done begging, fighting and crying for pain meds that gave me a life for the past 15 years.


  2. Thank you for taking the time to get this response. Again we see that the Carmen explanation and interpretation of the CDC guidelines does not restrict distribution and usage of opioids for chronic pain or postsurgical pain. But in response to the zealous vicious, attacks of the DEA on innocent physicians and the new definition of over prescribing, and catastrophize Ing of pain has frightened not only individual physicians, but institutions in two totally eliminating investigation of what is causing your pain and neglect in treating that pain. They’re making these decisions without even caring how it’s affecting people, they’re only concern is whether or not the DEA post their license, which pulls their paycheck. I’m afraid to go to the emergency room now, afraid to go see any doctor now, because they look at you, you see them become perplexed because they can’t do what they been trained to do. Then they become silent, pretend to go through your record, and throw a muscle relaxer at you and hope you don’t get angry at them. I’m going to see a doctor on the 22nd that is well-trained and well educated in the use of cannabis and his license to administer it, she’s in a pain management clinic. I will try to save these references on my phone, but I have already read through all of this. Periodically I have to back away from all of it because you can’t stay angry all the time it’s not good for you mentally emotionally or physically, when you’re already sick .

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