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I wanted to make sure that you all have heard about the new AMA Resolutions, regarding the CDC Guidelines for opioid prescribing? The guidelines that have been taken as the “word and the law” by many pain management physicians and others.

Those CDC Guidelines are and were supposed to be voluntary and just be what they’re called, “Guidelines”. Doctors, pharmacists and government officials have been turning them into “law”. Many people in the chronic pain community have been negatively affected, including me!

I wanted to post a copy of just the AMA resolutions that pertain to us; the chronic pain community. Below I will have that available for you to print. You should take it with you to each Dr appointment & especially your pain physician. But first let me give you the link to the full AMA Resolutions here: The AMA Resolutions for Chronic Pain Patients

*(The above link is working again)

***Also, I’ve posted just the AMA Resolutions pertaining to the chronic pain patients: Please be sure to print out and take to each of your physicians & especially your pain Physician:

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  1. The provided link for the complete for the complete AMA article is not working.
    It’s sad but true, my PM physician, that is very young, took over his father’s practice and put up signs saying that they will ONLY prescribe the equivalent of 60 mg. morphine per day. When he came in and told me I wouldn’t have any trouble going down to <1/10th of my dose at the time. He caught me off guard but I was prepared for him on my next visit.
    I told him that he had lied to me and that the likelihood of patient abuse of "street drugs" goes up astronomically when pain management patients are denied proper care. After further discussion and me calling him out on his lies, he through his book on the table and admitted that PM doctors that do not agree with these "guidelines" are threatened with punitive proceedings such as, fines, license revocation, and jail. Though I am not in a position to know what PM document are facing, I do know what I am having to deal with. I deserve to be treated with at least a modicum of respect as I have NEVER tested dirty and I don't ever ask for early refills and I don't miss my appointments. I have been on PM for nearly 30 years and have had three pych evals bc other PM doctors chose to do things that cause us, the compliant patient, to come under scrutiny. All three times, the pyschologist declared me as a nondrug seeking patient that benefits greatly from opioid treatment as it allows me to have a more productive life as I was in a wheelchair before finding the correct meds that helped me.
    We need to educate ourselves in exactly what the laws say in regards to opioid treatment and then when we are confronted with the PM doctors that are more concerned with "not rocking the boat" then they are about treating their patients so that they can at least function some as an adult should, we can, hopefully, cause them to put our medical necessities first bc that's what they are paid to do.

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    1. Oh no!! I checked that link too??? I’ll go fix whatever it is! Thank you thank you for letting me know!! Yes I had pain psychologist and psychiatrist both tell me My daily functions were so low and I was in a hospital bed in my living room for 3 years from 2002-2005… then finally they talked me into trying opioids and it worked and I got rid of the hospital bed! Now I’m in my lazy boy 16 hours a day!!! My pain dr, He told me that he had to take my patch away (after 14 yrs) bcz “it’s illegal for him to prescribe it unless for malignant cancer”… liar!! But I don’t know where to find in writing that he’s lying?? Thank you so much for letting me know! I’ll go fix link now!


  2. I hope you are able to use these resolutions to your advantage. I went down to a 25 ug/hr fentanyl patch and could not sleep or eat. My pain was pulling me down to the floor. I sent my physician a message on the portal.  I wrote: “HELP” “HELP ME” “I AM SUFFERING”I got my dosage back.The younger doctors are the worst. They will lie to your face….Tim

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    1. Yes, I’m suffering now but if I wrote to him he lies to my face! I am not sure he will even look at the AMA Resolutions?? I’m going to try ! I’m so glad you got yours back! I’d take mine back in a minute! I’d lessen my short acting instead if I could. I tried to take less (& he’s told me it’s a matter of time)…but I’m miserable. Talk soon, my friend


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