Today’s Drug Abusers Did Not Derive From Yesterday’s Patients | Cato @ Liberty

Hello Luvs,

I thought that the best way to pass this article around, was to post the link to it, here in my blog. Please share this with your pain physicians, general medicine Drs. and any and all news anchors, newspapers & Government agencies. This is a very important article regarding the incorrect information surrounding the issue of forced tapering to chronic pain patients. It’s authored by Dr. Singer at the CATO Institute.  Between this article and the one prior,(*regarding the AMA Resolutions); we may have a slight chance. It will take awhile, but chronic pain populations must come together to  fight for our lives. Use the skills and talents that we each have and do whatever is your strongest ability.

The root causes of the present-day overdose crisis are decades-long psychosocial/cultural trends intersecting with the lucrative opportunities offered by drug prohibition. Doctors and patients are peripheral factors.
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