Health experts offer solutions for unintended consequences of opioid crackdown | Fox News

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This information came to me via an email & so I wanted to share it with you:

The most urgently needed first step to addressing the misunderstandings about Centers for Disease and Prevention opioid prescribing guidelines, many clinicians and health experts say, is for the agency to clarify – in a high-profile way– what the guidelines were meant, and not meant, to do.
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Also, here is The Fox News Sequence of Stories Regarding the Opioid Hysteria & Chronic Pain Patients .

One of several very special physicians, who’ve been helping fight for the rights of Drs and chronic pain patients is Dr Stefan Kertesz, MD. He is quoted in this article on Fox News:

  • “We’re targeting the most vulnerable and sickest people who have been on opioids a long time”.

Dr. Stefan Kertesz, addiction specialist and professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine.

Richard Lawhern, a very staunch advocate for chronic pain patient community; is also quoted in this report. He is also advocating for his wife daughter, who live with chronic pain. Here is the quote from Richard aka “Red” Lawhern:

  • “The [CDC opioid guideline] document is fatally flawed and needs to be withdrawn for a major revision in an open public process by qualified experts in community practice for chronic pain treatment, assisted by representatives or advocates from chronic pain communities.”

— Richard Lawhern

Lastly, Lauren Deluca, founder of Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group“,(an ever growing & popular Non profit 501/3c) is quoted here:

  • “Too many flawed approaches and policies targeting pain patients, she said, “will take many years to undo, but we can’t wait years.”
  • She also was quoted as saying this: I myself was a healthy 36-year-old professional embarking on starting a family and in a blink of an eye my life was destroyed due to a denial of care,” Deluca said. “It’s not just about pain; it’s about quality of life. Now we are teaching doctors to ignore pain, which not only leaves the patient suffering but likely will lead to many not getting diagnosed, therefore not only will they not receive pain medications they will not even receive basic care.”

Please read the entire Fox News series of three stories. They are focused on different aspects of this Opioid Hysteria. Also the lack of treatment and compassionate care for the chronic pain community. *The current story, (3rd in a sequence of three), and the other stories in the sequence can be located above. They are the first two, blue hyperlinks, near the top of this blog post.

Lastly, I wanted to share something on the same subject but different platform. As I mentioned above, Lauren Deluca is the founder of CIAAG. (a Non Profit 501 c-3. The link to her group website is above, but let me add it here for you as well: Chronic Illnesses Advocacy: & Awareness Group)

Link to The Documentary Trailer “Untreated: The Healthcare Crisis”

She recently attended an International Meeting with the United Nations in Vienna. According to her website, Lauren spoke about the inhumane  treatment chronic pain patients are facing due to the ‘Opioid Crisis’ in the United States. 

Here’s is a link to get you to a YouTube video that shows her speaking in person at the event:

United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime: 61st Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Please look over everything, that I’ve tried to present to you in one neat little blog post. I hope that you feel updated and possibly more optimistic about the changes coming in this New Year, 2019.

Something must be done to change the deplorable conditions that have been put upon the chronic pain community! These great leaders and others, working together as a united front; that is how we are going to help make the changes that we need to see happen this new year!

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  1. The CDC has been extremely disorganized in response to this matter, so much so as to raise questions of malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance of duty. Three years ago the Washington Lega Foundation expressed grave concern that open meetings law had been violated at CDC. A FOIA lawsuit was threatened, commanding CDC to release all documents of illegal secret meetings between corporate lobbyists and CDC officials, relating to the Opioid Guidelines. CDC officials wrote multiple letters promising to release the documents. Three years later, Washington Legal Foundation says that not one of the documents has been turned over.

    Activist and retired Air Force officer and computer scientist Richard Lawhern, PhD, who gave an interview for the FOX News series, last year published a disturbing scientific article in which he processed opioid mortality data known to the CDC, through a computerized process normally used by the CDC, and discovered that if CDC scientists had run the usual analysis that they normally run to investigate sudden outbreaks of deaths, their own investigative tool would have proven that pain treatment was completely unrelated to overdose risk. These statistical methods were key to CDCs past successes at discovering the causes of AIDS and Legionnaires Disease, because they rapidly rule out all theories that don’t work.

    It is extremely urgent that CDC comply with the FOIA request and divulge what, if any, scientific efforts support the Opioid Prescribing Guidelines. Secret meetings with corporate lobbyists suggest that the lobbyists may have actually written the Guidelines, and that no research at all was ever done to test whether the Guidelines would be helpful or harmful. Restoring public trust in the CDC demands that the documents be released now. If lobbyists and officials colluded to engage in malfeasance, that must be brought out and investigated.

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