Don’t be afraid of opioids

There is a gene called “addiction” that some people are born with and others are not. This gene can cause a human being to become an opioid addict. It is not the medication that causes addiction. The medication is just a tool, that if used improperly can become deadly. But again, the medication is an inanimate object or a tool! Similarly a gun is an inaminate object; but when people use it in the wrong way, it can kill!!  Therefore, people should not be afraid of Opioids any more than they should fear Insulin if they are Diabetic. When used responsibly and properly, as the high majority of chronic pain patients do; opioids can give back lives and save families. Just the same way as a gun can save lives and families, when used properly and for specific reasons. The idea that those opposed to opioids for chronic pain need to understand is that

  1. No one will force them to take opioids, so they should stop trying to force a ban on opioids for chronic pain patients.
  2. Opioids don’t “kill people”. They are only a cause of death if they are taken incorrectly (as with most medications) or if they are used inappropriately.
  3. Chronic pain patients are not addicted to their opioid pain medications. They may be dependent or tolerant but again, there is no “high” involved. There is no scrambling for a “fix”

I found more interesting information about the confusion surrounding opioids and addiction. If you try to GOOGLE “how many people have died from PRESCRIPTION drug overdose in 2018 or 2017?”, it doesn’t give you a straight answer! But if you go to this article written by Josh Bloom Who Is Telling The Truth About Prescription Opioid Deaths? DEA? CDC? Neither?  It becomes much more clear what is happening, sort of?

Let me explain in a bit more detail. You see, Andrew Kolodny, the “king of detox houses”  has become very rich.  He appears to be greedy for more. This man just cannot tell you enough about how chronic pain patients and drug addics are in the same category. Yes, it’s true and he says those words directly on this video at time spot:  1:37 to 1:54 Washington Post Video: “Dr Andrew Kolodny; opioid crisis “not and abuse crisis, it’s an addiction epidemic” ….therefore, I have surmised (along with many other advocates, that this man is just trying to prey on those who are lost to addiction and those who have lost someone to addiction overdose. But do you realize (I’m guessing he does not or he’s covering it up?) that the opioid deaths are not from prescription opioids! They are from illicit Fentanyl/Carafentanyl from Mexico and China mostly. These are deaths that are from mixing illicit drugs possibly with some opioids and the PROP and CDC etc. are then calling them all “opioid deaths”.

In Josh Bloom’s article above he shows the lies, the outright blatent lies that people are being told by the DEA and others. Read this quote from his article above, dated 11-5-18, “Controlled Prescription Drugs (CPDs)…are still responsible for the most drug-involved overdose deaths and are the second most commonly abused substance in the United States.”  (from the  2018 National Drug Threat Assessment,Drug Enforcement Administration, October 2018) ….but it’s not true…it’s deceiving. Josh Bloom adds that “there was a newly released 164-page report by the DEA manintaing that controlled prescription drugs are killing more Americans than any other drug”.   He concludes that this is either deceiving or just confusing.

You see, other drugs are included in these “death tolls” from Opioids. It’s not just prescription opioids but there are depressants,  stimulants and other drugs responsible as well. They are all being “lumped together”. There is even a CDC chart in his article that shows how they seemingly intentionally misled all of the readers. The chart shows “drug poisoning deaths” and in very very small print it states “The CDC drug poisoning death category medications” was formerly “prescription drugs” but was changed for two reasons: 1) the category includes Over the Counter Drugs…..” So now OTC drugs are added too this mess as well. He also included that “annual deaths from NSAIDS vary widely they are significant:  3,000-16,000 deaths per year.”

Medications for chronic pain illnesses are not “bad” and should not be causing so much turmoil in peoples lives. The PROP and people like Kolodny and his minions, have decided that they are “evil” and so now they are spreading it like wildfire. There are his drug treatment centers and the creators of Suboxone/(Buprenorphrine-Reckitt Benckiser and others who want to “get rich” by hurting the innocent people who are chronically ill. The RBI corp. even went to far as to pull off a shocking scheme to profit off of heroin addicts in 2016. You can read about that in my other article called “About Suboxone, Buprenorphrine and Naloxone” . Andrew Kolodny even made a statement to the effect of how this generation of chronically ill/disabled persons living with chronic pain need to die off, so that the next generation won’t be addicted to opioids for chronic pain. Can you even believe that train of thought? The next generation won’t even have the option to have opioids for chronic pain (*or experience pain relief). This in an attempt to stop addiction and overdoses from occurring. In other words,  let’s just knock off  the elderly, the disabled and the chronically ill; so they won’t be a burden to anyone, is that it? Get rid of all of us so that we won’t suck the system? So our kids won’t know anything about pain control? They will be brainwashed into thinking that mindfulness, acupuncture and grounding can “cure” chronic pain illnesses? Do people really believe that? I do believe that some of the complimentary therapies may alleviate a minimal amount of pain for the short term. But they’re not a long term answer for chronic pain.  I know of one U.S.A. Pain organization that really “pushes” the complimentary therapies. Consequently they have actually abandoned a large number of the pain community who rely (*or did rely) on opioid medication therapy for pain control. Where are the human rights groups and other organizations who have the power to affect a positive change for the pain community? Why hasn’t anyone physically helped to change the misdirected concocted fear of opioids?  I’d truly like to have an answer for these questions? It’s hard to believe that those who blindly play “Follow the Leader” to the likes of Andrew Kolodny, just want chronic pain patients to “go away”? But as I write this article, there are more states petitioning to become “right to die” or assisted suicide states.  It is already legal in:  Washington DC, California, Oregon, Colorado, Vermont, Hawaii & Washington (still being disputed in Montana). Are we really 100% useless and disposable, like garbage to be thrown away?

Thats a scary thought to ponder! There are people such as Andrew Kolodny and Organizations such as the CDC, DEA and PROP, who would rather that I die than stay here with my husband, children and grandchildren for as long as humanly possible? All I need to be able to do is to take a pill a few times a day or wear a patch and I can live some semblance of a life outside of my bed or the recliner that I now live in for the best part of most days now. The Opioids do not make us “high”. I’ve never been “high” and all they did was take the edge off of a whole lot of pain; due to a long list of high pain chronic illnesses. Most of us, who are living with chronic pain, just want to live some kind of life. Don’t we have that right, just as others without pain do? Many of us were victims of accidents or crimes or just plain unlucky. Why do they want to make our life unbearable? Or even worse yet, why do they want us dead? Is this Eugenics coming back from the early 1900’s?


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  1. Thank you very much! You have summed it up so well. No one should ever be ashamed of illness or injuries or for treating pain. The people who work to demonize us are the ones who should be ashamed!
    The government is aware millions of legitimate pain patients are suffering from PROP, and have said we are “unintentional consequences”, yet they have done nothing to help ten of millions of people directly injured from PROP. It doesn’t seem unintentional anymore.
    To deny such necessary and simple pain relief is barbaric!
    Government has no business dictating safe and effective medical treatment! All medication has risks, but the reward of life with less pain is priceless! What groups will follow? Diabetics? High Blood pressure? Anyone reliant on medication to function and live? I keep thinking about the death panels they warned us about…

    Blaming the substance won’t lead to a meaningful recovery because addiction is a mental health problem. If people like Kolodny truly wished to help addiction, they would be looking at the cause and not misrepresent the facts or blame any substance. Yet he is continuously insulting and mocking the sick and injured!
    Human Rights are being violated against tens of millions of Americans, including the bravest, our Veterans. There would be public outrage if the whole story was known. 100,000,000 Americans have pain, and that’s a huge voting group. We must continue to pressure the politicians at every level as well as media, especially main stream media.
    Thank you for this tears of truth.
    CATO just published this report… very interesting

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    1. Thank you so much for the comments and for the link! Let’s stick together to try and stop this insanity ! I can barely do anything anymore! I’m in my recliner 16 hours a day because my long acting pain meds were forcibly tapered in September! It’s been horrible!


  2. I’d like to add a question to Suzanne’s list. “Why are the Government’s own Opioid experts being ignored by the CDC and DEA?”.

    The Reagan Administration funded research into addiction, at the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, research that has continued for almost 4 decades. The concept of an Addiction Gene actually arose during that research.

    But the Government scientists discovered an inconvenient truth: The human body itself synthesizes the opiate drug Morphine from the food we eat.

    Every person alive has been exposed to morphine from the moment we were conceived in the womb! Nobody is ever “drug-free” from morphine.

    Andrew Kolodny does not dispute nor disprove this basic fact. Indeed, his argument that Buprenorphine “rewires the addict brain” is rooted in the fact that we are born with morphine receptors in our brains that the Buprenorphine attacks.

    Since morphine exposure happens to everyone, it is impossible to taper addicts to zero morphine. Their own bodies continue to make more of it. This is why the CDC never consulted the Government’s own scientists when it wrote the Opioid Prescribing Guidelines that PROP had petitioned for. Had they asked the experts they would have been told that PROP was wrong. So they met in secret with PROP lobbyists and illegally made up the Guidelines, which PROP lobbyists then took to the VA and to state legislators, pretending that the “CDC Guidelines” the lobbyists themselves wrote, had some scientific basis when they had no such thing.

    Lobbyists should not be able to make up junk science and pretend it to be true. This is why we have open meetings laws, that prohibit illegal secret meetings between lobbyists and public officials like the ones at which PROP wrote the “CDC Guidelines”. There need to be teeth out into those open meetings laws. Private rights of action in the courts, should make the lobbyists and bureaucrats personally liable to the people they harm. Instead of committing suicide because we cannot get pain care, we should be able to sue the PROP lobbyists and take away their houses, their cars, and their pension dollars so we can have our health back. Lobbyists should not be able to shield their crooked actions behind government immunity because we never voted to elect them to be lobbyists.

    I’m continuing to seek partners who will form a legal aid charity and raise money to put lawyers to work defending pain patients. I wish more people would join in that effort.

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