The Nightmares of Pain Refugees

Hello Luvs,

I was deeply touched by 2 stories that I’m about to share with you! I’d like to personally say “thank you” to Sheri Owen & Maria Higgenbothem. They are the 1st and then the 2nd chronic pain patients in the video below. I want to thank them for their bravery and their candidness.

Sheri had a level-7, spinal fusion and did not receive any pain care in the hospital after her surgery; outside of the normal regimen that she’s been on for years at home.

Secondly, we have Maria Higinbotham, who went on “Nightly news with Lester Holt and Kate Snow. What’s happening to the Chronic Pain community is torturous and wrong! It’s inhumane and I would’ve never thought this would be happening in the United States of America in 2019. It’s almost like the old practice of eugenics. As if they want us to be gone? So that we’re not a burden on society anymore? This is so morally wrong! Please go to

Share your pain story with our legislators, politicians, government, doctors, and pharmacists. Let’s share these painful stories with the world and command that this torture be stopped!

I’ve put the two videos together for your convenience and to CC for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities/audiences.

Also, I’d like to add that there are several advocates & groups who trying so hard to do all that they can to help the pain community! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s the link to the original “Nightly News” piece on NBC. (Lastly, there are two news media outlets that are listening to us. Fox News and NBC now have their ears and attention turned to the pain community. Let’s tell them everything that’s happening. Talk to Lester Holt, Kate Snow at NBC & Greg Gutfeld at Fox News. Go to Twitter and find them by putting their name in the search bar. Talk to them! Tell everyone you’re story of under treated and/or untreated pain. They are now listening and we need their help and their voices!

I’d like to say a special “thank you” to David Weiland for posting the video in CIAAG Facebook group.

Here’s the Link to the Facebook Page for “Nightly News” with Lester- NBC Holt

This is the “Chronic Illness & Awareness Advocacy Group (CIAAG) and Non-Profit .org 501(c)(3), Founded & run by Lauren DeLuca & Jayne Flanders: Here’s the link to “CIAAG” Chronic illness awareness and advocacy group on Facebook

Here is the online link to the CIAAG website at

Here also are the links to listen to Dr Kline, MD, at Jonelle Elgaway’s Show on Conspiracies Against Wellness Network (CAW): You Tube page for CAW

Here are the links to the C-50 states group page run by Valorie Hawk: Link to Coalition of State Leaders Group C-50

Please everyone try your best to come together and let’s fix this problem! Because it’s a huge problem, a national emergency and a humanitarian crisis.

Here are two more links to a couple of great videos about #1: several pain patients stories of torture: The Link to “Fight for Our Lives”, a short Video that I made regarding this opioid hysteria & untreated pain crisis and #2 is a video about Suboxone. Link to my video, ”Pain, Politics & Suboxone” (It’s a good drug if you’re an addict but has a very low analgesic effect on chronic pain. Not a good choice for persons living with chronic pain illnesses)

Thank you for reading and please share!

2 thoughts on “The Nightmares of Pain Refugees

  1. The last part I do NOT mean Israel, I mean it is the U.S./people in Government and Medicine who gladly torture us now.
    These are my true feelings I am done fighting a truly evil people- as this is who they are- doing such an evil unto us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness. They truly Love to see us suffer, do NOT care, and also gladly hope that we will also just die from the Pain.


  2. What they do to this woman does NOT surprise me at all! Though yeah it is NOT right at all! It is grossly cruel and evil an action they are doing to people freely- and nobody cares. Though they do care well for drug addicts lives, yeah their lives matter, and us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness they could care less about us- it is a clear and cruel evil they do to us- and nothing else!
    Wow- I am tired of this so called United States, that treats people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness as if we deserve to suffer unbearable Pain (though your body does not shut off from too much Pain, I know I already had bone cut away from my face when strapped to a board, awake, could not move at all, and the Pain there are no words for it) but that is not my Severe Chronic Pain Sickness I am here talking about. My daily constant Severe Chronic Pain Sickness mostly from a C1-C2 fusion not exactly in place and too dangerous to do anything to it (that some stranger freely caused driving illegally drunk in an 18-wheeler truck here in the U.S.- losing control to cause a head on collision, though driver and company from another country)- yet I suffer daily constant gross torturous Pain- and am once again being treated as a criminal for having a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness and refused proven working Morphine Medicine for nothing more than a Satanic insanity that has come upon this place they wrongly call the UNITED STATES, and nothing else works worth a dam.
    I have already been through all of this once before and suffered grossly for nothing in daily torturous Pain. Yet here they do this to us again, us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness- and the people who do this to us are NO different than Otto Adolf Eichmann (19th March 1906 – 1st June 1962).
    If I was in a room with people who did not know me, they would NOT have the faintest clue that I was using Morphine Medicine or the dosage for my Pain. I would be just like a normal acting person.
    TV just loves to put drugged up people on camera who do NOT use the Medicine at all like us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness. But that is their whole evil intention, so they can then easily torture us people with a Severe chronic Pain Sickness freely! With people all behind their evil ways.
    There is NO reason whatsoever why should we have to suffer for other peoples’ chosen wrongs that we have nothing to do with, I do NOT even know these drug addicts for whom I am now tortured again- like the first more than 10 years left to suffer daily constant Pain that nothing worked, but Opiate/Opioid Medicine that worked they kept from me based on total lies and nothing more- or I guess an evil as it sure looks to be- from what I now can see these so called people do to us gladly.
    I now know for a fact it is all lies that I was told I could NOT use Opiate/Opioid Medicine, and told the lies why it would NOT work for long term Pain- and that I now know for a fact that none of it is true at all. I have proven this for a fact that it is NOT true. Yet everyone still preaches the same dam lies from the 1980’s about Opiate/Opioid Medicine.
    As Satanist, they care about drunken drivers, terrorists, and drug addicts, but do NOT care at all about us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness.
    This is not earth, this is not the UNITED STATES, this is their Hell where they tortufre us people for nothing- but evil!
    I am tired of the lies from so called doctors who say we have to keep upping the dosage of Opiate/Opioid Medicine for it to keep working. Which is a lies!!! Yes this is NOT at all true and I know for a fact it is NOT true. If a person is using a correct working dosage of Opiate/Opioid Medicine it keeps working. Yes a person must always use it responsibly, which a high majority of us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness do, and we do NOT have to keep upping the dosage if we have a correct working dosage for our Pain and body- and as long as our injury and/or sickness for why we have Pain does NOT get worse to increase the level of Pain.
    It also does NOT mean we are Pain free, it means the dosage is at a correct working level that keeps the Pain down at a level that can be dealt with. As without a correct working dosage of Opiate/Opioid Medicine- my Pain is too great an unbearable- even a ways above a 100mg is not enough for my type of spine, head, and brain injuries- and the level of Pain it causes me that is great. Yet my words go in one ear and out the other of Doctors, my record of proof means nothing to these people, even a so called Pain doctor- which took more than 3 years to finally get the appointment with any Pain Doctor as I am tortured intentionally, even though i have already been through this whole ordeal once before- for more than ten years in a torturous Hell that came close to killing me more than once- yet this so called U.S. Country just loves to make us suffer in great Pain for nothing. Again I should mention their hero- Otto Adolf Eichmann!
    They can NOT even factor common sense for the fact of my having responsibly used Opiate/Opioid Medicine for 28 years now with NOT one measly problem the entire 28 years from the Opiate/Opioid Medicine. As Morphine Medicine is to me and for my sickness, what Insulin is to a Type 1 Diabetic.
    Do they think I just got lucky? Such Medicine was just handed to me on a platter. Sure looks this way for the way I am treated, and never mind how we are also treated like a criminal by these people for having a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness, wanting the one thing which is proven to work for my Pain, and again though- these people definitely love Otto Adolf Eichmann, he has got to be their hero!!!
    There’s no danger to me or my body from Morphine Medicine (more lies they tell), for I know as long as I am responsible as 28 yeasrs with NOT one measly problem they should see. But- here is the truth of it- they know I am facing Hell of unbearable suffering, I am no longer a 18 to 30 years old right now for being tortured as I was, and these people not only do NOT care, they love it- they love it to death! I am serious they are literally gone over the edge with this evil. They are NOT at all human. There is nothing going to happen bad to me by Opiate/Opioid Medicine, again I know this for a fact. Morphine Medicine not only saved my life, it gave me at least somewhat of a life I do NOT have at all without it, that I now do NOT have- in fact what they have done is killing me physically and mentally. I have already been there both physically and mentally in bad shape from Pain- some close calls- and do NOT even know how I made it through those ten years of literal hopeless Hell. I now get thoughts that I just wish I hadn’t, as this earth I believe is a Hell and nothing more. But these so called people in the land of the free- are more like those for whom Stalin would be envious if he were still alive- Satan would give them high fives- and probably has plans of doing it one day to them!
    Opiate/Opioid Medicine is NO more dangerous than any other prescribed Medicine when used responsibly- as all prescribed Medicine must always be used responsibly. So stop blaming us for the illegal, wrong, actions of people who use Narcotic street drugs for a high/buzz. It has nothing to do with us. Yeah sure wish I’d get that trial I was always told about, though court is corrupt anyways so go figure.
    Have any of these people ever had daily Pain so bad that it scares them? Of course NOT! Do they know at all what unbearable Pain is like- NO they do NOT! They also do NOT care at all! As I said they Love it to death for us!
    I do NOT use the word Severe- for the hell of it!
    All of this is an insult to my intelligence, to what I know is the truth, and with facts to back it all!
    Yet I have NO Rights, NO Freedom, No United States Country, all I get is what I was told never happens here in this so called United States Nazi Country.
    Where is the humanity? Where? I see none of it! NOT one smidgen of it here in this new U.S.S.A. country. I awake to a living nightmare, minus the life part.
    I do NOT use the word torture for the Hell of it, it happens to be a fact for what the U.S. Government, and the Medical World now does to us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness. Is on the same basis of a Concentration camp- U.S. style, though must be a tribute to Otto Adolph Eichmann- i.e. to torture people.
    The human impersonating rats are clearly out of the bag, and us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness are NOT at all idiots to any of it! We know what is being done to us- very clearly evil and cruel, again it’s called- INTENTIONAL TORTURE!
    Our choices we are left with:
    A. to just suffer unbearable daily constant Pain which is a very slow physical/mental suffering torturous death. Took ten years the first time- till I was starting to lose my mind, but I was 18-30 years old, and not that age now.

    B. to try and buy street drugs, which is expensive for such a needed dosage that I need, is dangerous as you do NOT know what you are actually getting, and the system will love to arrest you for it- throw you in prison for decades for drugs and they will be all happy to have done it to us- where us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness will be left to do A. or somehow C. that I will now list-

    C. to commit suicide, which a person does not want, but neither does anyone want to just suffer torturous daily constant Pain with no life to speak of.

    P.S. You know I’d bet greatly- that the so called United States protected Otto Adolf Eichmann as much as they could after WW2, until Israel/Jewish People finally hunting him down caught up with him. The people who torture us now, as like then, probably wept for him greatly.


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