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Ohh My Goodness!!! Has our society gone completely mad now? These “sickos” may be taking us back in time to a period when people were given a Frontal lobotomy for the relief of intractable pain!! This is absolutely crazy, when a safe pill, called an “opioid” can help our chronic intractable pain patients. Who in their right mind would choose a frontal lobotomy over a safe an effective pill? The opioids that are getting a bad rap from anti-opioid zealots (read more about them, here: Anti-Opioid Zealots ), are not hurting the legitimate chronic pain patients. People who’ve been prescribed opioids for years, (a decade or even more) & have done well; are NOT addicted! Only about 1% of true chronic pain patients actually ever become “addicted” (Writer Josh Bloom, gives you statistics here: The Opioid Epidemic in 6 Charts, Designed to Deceive You ). It’s not prescription opioids that are the problem! It’s the illegal fentanyl from China & Mexico that are hurting, addicting & killing people! Addiction and dependence are two very different situations. You can find out more information about that here: Addiction & Dependence Are Not The Same

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  1. Well I for one think 2 lobotomies could end the entire opioid hysteria. Remove a frontal lobe from Dr Andrew Kolodny and watch how much less emotional distress he exhibits, over the thought that pain patients are receiving opioids. Give another one to Dr Jane Ballantyne. Offer to give away more of them to everyone who is just too irrational to accept the fact that pain patients need opioids for pain control. Maybe the goofballs who run the Rummler Foundation in Minnesota need one as well, to help them deal with their extreme, irrational opiophobia.

    I’d bet earnest money that it would take fewer than 10 lobotomies to end the anti-Opioid zealotry. Most people aren’t that hysterical and are capable of being taught why patients need the drugs that actually work. Those who just can’t listen and learn, and insist on using force to compel us to suffer or die, need surgical intervention to end their obsessive behavior and allow 100 million patients to get the drugs we need.

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    1. Thank you! I agree with you!! I’m so upset right now to find that someone’s 94 year old mother broke her kneecap Today and went to ER & was defused anything at all for pain! Her knee was immobilized and then sent home in agony! I told her to call every newspaper and news station and tell this story! Nobody likes elder abuse!!


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