Without Our Consent

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First, please watch this 1 minute video….(then return to this page in order to watch the rest of these videos. They will explain what is truly happening to our most vulnerable, chronically ill and disabled pain community members):

The Link to my Video “They Are Watching”


I wanted to give you a “one -stop” place to get a few very informative videos regarding the pain community and the opioid hysteria. Just below is a video titled “Without Our Consent”. It is about how the pain community is being used as human subjects of a government experiment without our consent!

NOTE: **Please excuse the 2 small Captioning mistakes. I don’t hear or see well. I did the best I could do to get you the information. Most persons, whether they’re Deaf, Hard of hearing or hearing; wont mind too much if it says “vide” instead of “video” at 1:30 minutes into this video. I’m sure everyone can understand the meaning.

**Also at 3:30 minutes in, the Captioning failed to post. The information I added did not post for the CC. It’s supposed to read “by myself, I did it”….(it states “Please input message”)

I apologize for these 2 small mistakes but I do not feel well enough to redo the entire video bcz of this. Please feel free to remake this video and I’ll gladly remove this one. I thought that the chronic pain community should have this information. Then they can decide for themselves what they want to do with it. The video itself is totally fine so unless you’re deaf/hoh, you shouldn’t need the CC. I’ve written my corrections here for My Deaf/hoh community and they will forgive me for not being perfect.

**The Chronic pain community has been studied like lab rats and left to suffer needlessly all for filling the wallets of our Government bureaucrats

Link to my Video “Without Our Consent”

Next, I have this video that I made just recently. I titled it “Fight For Our Lives”. I had asked the pain community to send me videos of themselves. I wanted their stories about losing pain medications after having done very well for many years. Look carefully for a woman named “Dawn Anderson”. She submitted her story to me. She was doing well for years and then list her medications. She has just recently passed away! Dawn died writhing in pain daily! She was pleading for help! Nobody listened. But I did and I tried to help! But nobody who could truly help her, did that! She’s dead now and it is very sad because it may have been easily avoided, had she been getting pain relief. Here’s the video that I made. This is the short version of several pain patients stories . This video contains several patient advocate stories. I did my best to do the things that I’m able to do.. (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME)

Here’s the link to “Fight For Our Lives”

Next, I’ve posted here for you, the link to my video, “Pain, Politics & Suboxone”, about Suboxone & Bupenorphrine. It explains how these medications are not for chronic pain patients. These medications are for addicts and have a very low analgesic effects. (VIDEO BELOW UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME)

Here’s the Link to: “Pain, Politics & Suboxone”

Lastly, this video is from just after the “CNN Town Hall Meeting With Anderson Cooper”. They shut out the entire pain community and did not give our representatives a chance to speak out! The got it entirely wrong! Here you go, watch this:(VIDEO BELOW UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME)

Here’s the link to this last video: “Let The Chronic Pain Voices Be Heard”

I hope this list of videos helps you get as much information as possible. Please note that each video is closed captioned for my Deaf/Hard of Hearing community.

*******************************PLEASE SEE THE PHOTO OF THE PRESS RELEASE BELOW. This is where the information came from regarding the “prescription writing for opioids being at a 25 year all-time low”

Thank you so much!

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  1. With the inhumane intolerable methods chronic pain persons have been and continue to be treated by healthcare provider’s, we are seeing a slow death march towards end of life. Medications used for centuries, specifically Opioid ANALGESICS, are being forced from patients who rely on them for moderation of painful conditions. Without these analgesics, for many, quality of life is lost.
    End this Nazi type practice and return to relying on professional providers to ‘do no harm’. The weakest and disabled are being used as an experimental and controlled genocide, under the guise of the ”OPIATE emergency’. Pain relieving medications, be it opiates or a combination of other medications have nothing to do with illegal street drugs which ARE the culprits in this horrendous assult on chronic pain PATIENTS. Thank you.

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    1. Absolutely correct!! The reason I’ve been writing in this blog for a long time now! Thank you for your note and I pray someone “in power” sees and does something to help us all. Thank you again


    2. First thanks, Suzanne and to the others; I so agree with all of you. I’m really down . . . . hurting and down . . . . in the dumps today, I don’t even want to take a shower, doesn’t that sound just terrble?? It’s just awful to hurt and feel so bad, even with a shower chair, bathtub, things we take so for granted……thinngs many people live without and I just don’t understand why they continue to throw us in the same group as “addicts”.

      I live in one of the worse states in the U.S. (Illinois) and there isn’t one representative or senator (Democrat or Republican) who understands the situation or cares about “chronic pain” nor what happens to those of us who are suffering this unrelenting pain; unable to continue with the life we once had, at least our medication helped us continue on with our lives, being with family and friends, seeing our granchildren and playing with them inside and outside . . . ..

      And, even though, the pain never goes away, it’s always with us, we did get some relief, enough that we could get out of bed or our big reclliners, but you see, these people think we need some type of rehab with drug addicts. I don’t think they wamt to get involved, most of them are just out for themselves anyway. Too bad we don’t have a Kim Kardasian to talk to the President for us. Not that what I think she did was wrong. I do not think that lady should have been in jail for life for a little bit of Marijuana. It’s just that it seems you have to know someone who is able to go straight into the White House, because I don’t think our congress wants to get involved in “Chronic Pain”….PERIOD….
      I wonder, do you think our President might just . . . maybe talk to the right person and do something to help us. He needs to understand the statistics they are using, and that we need our doctors. They are all leaving medicine and I just don’t understand why they are letting this happen. After all the years and money they put into colleges, medical schools and now?? I suppose it’s like many people are saying, we are going into a Socialistic society, where they government will control everything.

      Happy Mother’s Day! My family and I don’t get to celebrate many holidays here because I never feel up to it. This

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  2. I think it is particularly tragic that Anderson Cooper, a man who endured discrimination because he is gay, participates in discrimination against the disabled. Does he seriously think he can save himself by throwing others under the bus? Stay divided and we shall be conquered!

    It wasn’t the apologists and collaborators who slowed the march to the Death Camps, 7 decades ago. It was those who rose up, in the Warsaw Ghetto, seized Nazi weapons and used them on Nazis, who actually turned the tide.

    We accomplish nothing by Identity Politics. Saying that some other group should suffer in our place, is foolishness, for it yields to the enemy, their contention that some of us deserve to suffer!

    The only way out is to admit that none of us deserve to suffer. Anyone who wants us to die is demanding what he has no right to demand. That was true of 6 million Jews, 5 million Poles, 1 million other Slavic civilians, and half a million German Christians who refused to accept Hitler as a false god. Their murder is on Nazism’s record, for eternity. Just as the Nazi experiment began with murdering Germans who were disabled or ill, in the name of keeping free Government healthcare affordable by killing those most likely to require any care, the Neo-Nazi experiment has begun in our country. Let’s make it end here. Now would be a good time.

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