The True Motivation Behind the Opioid Crisis-Profit off PDMPs and Profiling, Private Data Theft

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I just wanted to bring your attention to this insightful article. If one stops to persue the state laws on the books regarding PDMPs (prescription drug monitoring programs), there is an abundance of fascinating language buried in our very own state statutes. These…
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2 thoughts on “The True Motivation Behind the Opioid Crisis-Profit off PDMPs and Profiling, Private Data Theft

  1. I stood up to the system today – 20+ years of taking the lightest possible opiate doses known to mankind and, for the first time, they wanted to drug test me. I said “I’m an adult and a libertarians and I take care of many lives every day”……no.
    The whole thing is ridiculous, but then again I try to understand why. Originally is was all about money – to Big Pharma and saving to health insurers and doctors for the quick fix. Now it’s about money again, for 100’s of billions will be paid by Big Pharma to states…who have NO IDEA what to do with the money except perhaps make people suffer more pain and go to the black market.
    The Pendulum swings this way and that and rarely are the people involved considered. This $$ will be the biggest windfall in the history of the USA…..and the pain patient will see only negative benefits.
    I can understand some testing for those in danger…..but I am rated as “not subject to problems” and taking the lowest dose….what I take should be available OTC.
    I don’t think there is a plot at the top to collect our blood, urine and DNA…but it ends up going that way if it does not correct.


  2. I Have People YELL at me since the “Opiod Crisis” began. People who do not need something as strong as an Opiod caused all of this. I HAVE NO EARTHLY IDEA WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO GET
    ‘HIGH’ From taking an Opiod.

    My Pain Management Doctor’s Office is cross training their Office Staff. The lady who collects your Co-pay BEFORE you are weighed and vital signs are checked surprisingly set the date correctly. Then said, Oh…No that’s wrong because last month was a 30 day month. NO, July is a 31 day month but I know this person well enough to know things would get worse if I mentioned the one day, so it’s best to say nothing.

    When I got to my car I was taking the appt. card to enter the appt. on my calendar & saw that she had set it 10 days late. So, I got through the first two days with my muscle relaxer and neuropathy medicine (the neuropathy is due to all the pinched nerve).
    But now I can do NOTHING and want to scream and cry. I am having to crawl to the bathroom with gloves and knee pads & had gotten prepared with bread, a cooler with sandwich spreads and juices.

    I read and write when I can but pretty much have to lay down with feet propped up to watch a movie or anything on TV.

    I have lost 8 days in the end where I could have accomplished Something.

    Oh, and go to the hospital. Yes they would give me a shot that would last about 6 hrs., but I can’t go every day. They frown upon it. Also, because my pain is so severe I know I am okay to drive, but they want allow me. I have to call the Sheriff’s Dept. and a deputy will come and give me a ride home.

    People, if you are not in Chronic Pain, have a Heart…Don’t take Opiods or any kind of medicine that you don’t need for recreational purposes. Think about it while you are having fun, there are people stuck at home who cannot do ANYTHING. Not even keep house.


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