Justice Served? What’s your opinion?

Here’s a link to Pat Anson’s recent article regarding the sentencing of former CEO & President of The U.S. Pain Foundation, Paul Gileno!

What do you think? Has justice been served?


5 thoughts on “Justice Served? What’s your opinion?

  1. Seems as though someone else would have known. I just hope it doesn’t blemish the hard work of our members who participate and our wonderful Doctors, as well as Ed who spend many hours writing, reading and keeping us informed of the happenings at National Pain Foundation!

    Sandy M.


    1. The sad thing is that many volunteers, including me, spent countless hours in pain and fundraising for them … all the while they (including Paul & others in upper management including the interim CEO) were not spending the monies appropriately! In their 2018 tax returns * you can see it online publicly* they had spent approximately $1.2 million dollars on staff, salaries & overhead!! So it appears that it’s more “for profit” than helping others (imho)! They also spend lots of time and money on massage therapy & other complimentary therapies & things that don’t help high impact painful illnesses, without also having some kind of pain relief medication too! Also, Here’s the full article that I wrote before Ed changed it 360 degrees! He changed my article to a skeleton of what I’d written! The meaning changed! The words changed & it was no longer my thoughts, my writing nor my article! I’m so disappointed in Ed C. & Ntl Pain report! He is a not a good man IMO! He threw me down the river without a paddle after he’d published 42 of my articles in 2 years!! I won’t trust another news agency again. I also won’t be helping another non profit again. They crushed me … but not my spirit luckily.., here’s the article I wrote, about it: https://tearsoftruth.com/2018/09/22/making-peace-with-my-pain/

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  2. Thank you Suzanne, I appreciate all the research work and information you provide to us. You are such a wonderful person to spend the time while hurting to let us know what has and is going on!! Your amazing work, is just simply OVERWHELMING YET SAD IN SO MANY WAYS.

    And what Paul Galeno pulled certainly did not help our Foundation and most likely dampened it even more. You were smart to get out when you did. I hope they get their “stuff” together and learn how to run an efficient, honest business. I think they will now.

    Sandy M.

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    1. I Agree👍🏼 & imo I feel others higher up had to have known something ! They spoke daily Ike “brothers/sisters” I was told! But that’s just my opinion


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