A Free Country?

My USA friends that are ill, like me…. we will not have fun with socialized medicine! Nothing great_ is free! It’s an illusion, because your taxes will go up by a lot and you pay for your care (& everyone else’s) in other ways. It’s not free! You must work hard in life and pay for what you get. When I worked at the hospital you only had to pay five dollars a month to prove that you were trying! They never went after anybody. You can say whatever you want about the news source but Look again because it is actually the NHS & the Royal college of OB/GYN’s that provided this information.
*****NHS Patients Waiting More Than One Year for Non-Coronavirus Treatment Highest Since 2008: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/11/12/nhs-patients-waiting-more-year-non-coronavirus-treatment-highest-2008/

Let me explain further. I have friends that have been like family to me. There are some in Scotland & some in England. Here are a few stories they told us in person.

  • They personally have waited 18 months for an MRI & 12 months for a CT scan
  • One friend in Scotland (age 55yrs), got cancer and was all set to receive chemotherapy. They showed up for their first treatment & they were told that “the NHS & the Dr they were assigned; decided their treatment was going to be too expensive.” The patient was afraid and asked more questions. They were told when they do the math for their age of 55, & the cost of treatment, it was too expensive. They couldn’t go anywhere else because they are assigned districts. They could pay privately, but most people (as in my friends case) don’t have the money to pay for private health care. She passed away within 10 months to a year from breast cancer.
  • Another true story from one friend in UK, is about when he got false teeth at age 19 yrs, due to gum disease. The false teeth/dentures, didn’t fit well and gave him sores over and over again. They would try to fix them but refused a new set. Finally at approximately age 40, he had enough money to go to a private dentist (NOT the NHS). He got a great set of new and great-fitting dentures. The sores never returned once he got dentures with private health care
  • Another true story is about my friend in UK. She got ill & diagnosed with a bladder infection & pneumonia. This was in or around 2012-13. She was hospitalized. It was a long holiday weekend in UK. She was catheterized and left for hours. Only to be given antibiotics and sent home. She was sent home with a catheter inside of her (she’d never had one before and didn’t feel comfortable at all). They told her “because it was a holiday weekend, there’d be no one to care for her in the hospital.” She was told to return on Tuesday and they’d admit her most likely. She got much worse and finally had to get an ambulance to take her to Emergency. There she sat until Tuesday anyways.
  • I’ve seen people that I know in USA, say they think “free medical” or Socialized medicine “would be great”. Two of these people have kids with Down Syndrome. I hate to break the news to them, but with socialized medicine, they think these beautiful tiny humans, do not deserve a chance at life and happiness. They have very few instances of Down Syndrome now in UK. The reason being that they suggest abortion or as I call it, Eugenics!
  • Any lives that don’t look worth living, on paper; they want, encourage or allow death instead of helping these people.
  • Also, if you are over 55, the majority of the times, you are not worth saving or helping, according to NHS.
  • Lastly, you have zero choices. Everything is dictated to you. You lose all control over your own treatment options, according to how valuable some human being decides that you are, or you are not!

I’ll leave you with this today. Some of you made your choice for President of the USA, because you hate or don’t like President Trump. You don’t like his “orange skin color”? Aren’t you the same ones shouting out about racism? The same people screaming about how nobody should be judged by the color of their skin?  These same people are the ones who despise DJT, because he has orange color skin (in their words & opinions, not mine). Maybe you decided not to vote for him because he’s a regular guy and not a politician? Or maybe because you don’t like his Tweets??

Well, he wouldn’t have been forced to Tweet, if the press had been a fair Press or had provided balanced news! They fabricated just about everything in order to get money and power! He had to Tweet in order to reach out and talk to the American people! The “non essential workers” is what they called some of us, during this C0v1d19 pandemic. Also, he wanted to reach the “regular” people & families, the Patriots, the Truckers, the Bikers and both blue & white collar workers who added up to about 72 million people in USA, who voted for President Donald J Trump.

No this is not fair! This is not what America is supposed to be about. We should not be known as the looney country with “Hamm3r & Scor3ecard”, which spoiled our entire election! We should not want to be known as the country who cheated and lied to get the mean orange man out of the White House! President Trump is a human being first!! He’s our President, yes, but if you sift through all of the lies and BS that all of the fake news put us through these past 4 years; you’d see it! You’d see that he’s a highly intelligent man. Also he is a loving & respected husband, father and grandfather! Most of all he loves our country and he does truly care about the people living in it.

If you just look at my article from a few months ago, called ” A Sad New Existence” you’ll see a long list of things he got done for our country just between January through March of 2020. If you cut through the crap of the fake news media, you’ll see that he’s signed at least 3, maybe 4 now, Peace Agreements between Israel and Arabic countries. Nobody has ever been able to do that! He’s got a huge list of accomplishments; more than any other President in history! If you would take the time to go and look for yourself on The official website of the White House, you’ll see for yourself.

These are not conspiracy theories. These are true facts. There is much to be looked at and corrected with this recent election. We must have a full audit of our election! The fraud must be & is being exposed! The cheaters must be held accountable! We need to stay a free country, more than you or your child, needs free college classes!

If  Joe were to become the true President elect & then the true & rightful President, I guarantee you that he will be not in that position for long! Their entire goal is to get him to help the radical left & deep state, to get elected. They used his kind looking little old man smile to obtain power of over us and our country! Then you can mark my words, Kama1a will then be President soon afterwards. We are on our way then, one step further to Socialism/Communism. She is the most extreme radical progressive like the squad! Then… next… we will no longer be a Constitutionalized free America. We will be puppets under the control of the C C P regime & the likes of S0rr0s and B1ll Gates.

Look at the photo on left: MI Govern0r Wh1tm3r telling people if they want to be able to go to church and Stop wearing masks etc, then they should vote for J0e!! But J0e says on the right hand side, the first thing he’s going to do is make a “mask mandate” for years!! That’s Just disgusting!!

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  1. Hi Suzanne,

    The letters you sent were just great. That’s exactly how I feel, but I’m happy you have the cognitive skills to write such a geniune, heart-felt letter that I’m sure many of us feel right now about our President and while we face this horrific pandemic. They certainly had everything set up for the Republicans and for the people of our country. But then the Clinton’s have had their days too!

    And, kuddos also to the lady you named who wrote the other letter. It was really good too. It’s still hard to believe that President Trump may not be the President, however, they are still finding and counting votes and I’m sure there’s more. I just heard on the news tonight that 2 men were caught who had signed names and addresses of 8,000 homeless people. I don’t know what their addresses would have been!

    WHEW, I cannot believe what is going on in our country, never seen anything quite like this happening in the U.S.A. Now, I’m much older than you Suzanne, and I was in high school and graduated in the 60’s when the Vietnam War was going on. And so many of those who were doing the bombing and causing so many problems during that period of time are or were teaching, most being college professors. But, then so was Jane Fonda and what’s his name, John(?) Perry! I can’t remember his first name. Short term memory!! I think they are still evil. I shouldn’t judge and really don’t want to ssay that, but they were not very nice people and still aren’t.

    Of course, they are the same ones who first started teaching our children and I had no idea that was going on at the time. In fact, I went to Washington, D.C. after I graduated in 1965 and worked for the FBI for one year! This lady I worked for was the worst person I’ve ever worked for. I then went to work for attorneys out in D.C., and I worked as a legal secretary most of the 35 years I worked before my hemorrhagic stroke, Scoliosis surgery, from my T3 to my L5-S1 and into my hips and also heart surgery. The stroke was 25 years ago and the Scoliosis surgery was only 8 years ago and the pain from that wasn’t too bad for the first 2 years, but since then, it’s a double whammy with the Central Pain Syndrome I have as a result of the hemorrhage being in my right thalamus, and hit the area that causes constant pain, it never lets up.

    And now, my physician who I’ve known for over 23 years and who use to talk about the pain she knew I had to be in when I was being treated by my neurologist treats me so different. She only has me that she prescribes a pain pill for, so I don’t think they are going to go and knock her door in, at least not for awhile! I certainly don’t want her to lose her career, I can understand that, but by the time he retired is when all this “opioid pandemic” started going on; neurologist, pain clinics. doctors all were closing down. I had gone thru PT, 4 pain clinics, and had injections for years. But nothing helped, there is no cure for this condition. And. I know you understand how that is.

    I’m married to a Vietnam Veteran who was in the Navy and on the first nuclear ship, the U.S.S. Enterprise. He said when he came back from Vietnam, he never told anyone about his service, people spit on our Veterans who gave their lives for all those people! He lost friends over there and now he finally wears his caps and jackets and is involved with a group of Veterans. We’ve been married for 50 years, raised two really good girls who are married and we have 4 FOUR grandchildren!

    I’ve had a good life, and loved being with our last two younger grandchildren, however, they are getting older now, one in 6th grade and one a sophomore in high school. But, now as the years go by, my pain is much worse since my neurologist retired and my PCP cut my pain pill in half. Oh, I’m miserable. I know you understand, and I read so much of your work, and you are always spot on with your writings.
    I really enjoy and thank you for all you have done and still do.

    As I said, I’m much older than you, I remember where I was in high school that day when John F. Kennedy was assassinated and also the evening I was thrilled after seeing Robert Kennedy, when he stepped off the bus and I was close enough to touch his suit jacket in Indianapolis, IN right before he went to California. My husband and I have been so concerned about President Trump, seems so many people turn on him, it’s unknown what may happen next, who can he trust. It’s really sad.

    No wonder old Joe could just stay in his basement, he didn’t have to go out and campaign, they had it all set up for him, while our President did what he always does! He got out with all the people and I agree I’ve never seen anyone like him, and that’s why he is not a politician. I mean have you ever seen a politician do what all he does in one day? He even sent them pizzas to eat when he was in the hospital and those people were outside, causing no problems, they just wanted to be there for him and he drove by them when he left and drove by just last Sunday during the MAGA rally. There is a man, who use to teach and who is on “You Tube, his name is Dr. Taylor Marshall; he read a speech, and was just thrilled being there. He was lucky and not there when evening came and things turned really wild!

    But I agree this President is amazing and we are praying that he will come thru and all those involved in this campaign and all their dirty deeds they pulled on our President of the United States for 4 years and before actually, because it started before he went into office, plus the way, they have been treating him; and, along with the Media, maybe they will be handed subpoenaes and will be put thru Satan’s pit like they have done our President and also a great man, Michael Flynn and others that these Dems put them thru and took everything they had away from them. Their homes, money, everything they worked so hard for, it’s just a shame. I can’t imagine such “hate” these people have and none of them have been indicted for anything “yet.” I’m sure if this administration does not do anything, they will see their day in court someday when our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ returns.

    Thanks, again! You are truly a wonderful lady!

    Sandy Miller


    1. Hi Sandy! I Thank you for the kind words. I pray that the truth will come out and good will win over evil.But I actually did had a stroke in 2006 & I suffer from effects following a TBI & 3 years of brain injury rehab. I was an honor student in college, with a photographic memory. I never needed a phone directory because I could remember every phone number of people I knew.. I did post in this blog post that I did not write either of those letters. I copied and pasted them from anonymous sources on some friends pages. I asked for permission to repost them. Unfortunately I cannot recall many short term memory tasks. But when I’m very passionate, luckily I still can write my feelings and research information. I want to say thank you again for your kind words….I’m going to send you a message soon.


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