My Advocacy Pages On Social Media:

The links to each of my Social Media pages are below:

Facebook links:

1:  ASLSuzyQ:  Deaf/HoH performance Artist

2:  ASLSuzyQ Instagram:

3:  ASLSuzyQ YouTube:

4:  People In Pain Unite:  People In Pain Unite–Facebook Page with Information, Facts & Policy Changes

5:  R.A.S.E. for CRPS: (means: R-research, A-awareness, S-support & E-educate persons about the horribly painful nerve autoimmune disease called “CRPS” or aka “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome):  R.A.S.E. for C.R.P.S.

6: R.A.S.E for Invisible & Rare Illnesses: Meaning same as above except for all Invisible illnesses:  R.A.S.E. for Invisible Illnesses

7: Dysautonomia Support Network:  Info for Persons with or trying to find out more information about Dysautonomia, P.O.T.S. & Pacemakers:  Dysautonomia Support Network

8: Association For Ethical Treatment of Pain Patients/ AETOPP:  Debunking the myths regarding the Opioid Crisis. Talking about the “true crisis” which is the unethical treatment of chronic pain patients. Finding truth in their lies:  Association For Ethical Treatment of Pain Patients

9:  On Instagram “Invisible Diseases” -find photos, info and meme’s at : Invisible Diseases Instagram

10: Instagram “R.A.S.E.forCRPS” to find photos for R-research, A-Awareness, S-Support & E-Educate:  Instagram RASEforCRPS

11:  Pinterest – I have several boards including: Support In Jewelry, Fight CRPS, Dysautonomia/POTS, CRPS Support & Awareness, Trial Fib, Pacemakers & The Heart, People In Pain Unite, Chiari I Malformation, Rheumatoid Arthritis…..R.A…….and now this too, Abuse & Domestic Violence, Pinterest boards on advocacy

12: Tumblr blogs: ASLSUZYQ-my ASL lessons & Songs collection:

13: Tumblr Blogs:  RASEforCRPS, a blog about “R-esearch, A-wareness, S-upport, E-ducate for CRPS on Tumblr :  RASEforCRPS on TUMBLR

14. Twitter for ASL/Deaf/HOH Advocacy:   My Twitter for ASLSuzyQ

15.  Twitter for Pain Advocacy:  My Twitter Pain Advocacy page: People In Pain Unite

16.  Twitter for RSD/CRPS Advocacy:  My RSD/CRPS Twitter Page for Advocacy : RASEforCRPS (Research, Awareness, Support & Educate = R.A.S.E.)

17: Tiktok: