SUPPORT IN JEWELRY *(Awareness/Support Jewelry for Many Illnesses & Much More!!)

This is one of my Blogs, soley used for the purpose of displaying: my finished Jewelry Creations In The the many different Themes of Jewelry that I Design and then create. Also, this blog or website is for awareness and support of all Invisible Diseases & Chronic Pain Illnesses; Especially but Not Limited to RSD/CRPS (*aka Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy /or/ Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). It is a blog to share Advocacy, Awareness, Support, Ideas, Updates In Research and links to other similar information on the Web. It is a place to find more information regarding several pain diseases and/or Invisible Diseases.

SUPPORT IN JEWELRY- A Place to find beautiful jewelry that shows your SUPPORT & AWARENESS of Many Invisible and/or Pain Illnesses


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