HELLO, an ASL Cover

This song is an ASL cover with vocals by Alissa Audrey. I claim no copyright and this is for personal enjoyment, entertainment and for others as well, I hope. I used to be an Interpreter for Deaf and Interpreted at a major University and Hospital, also schools. I was injured in a MVA 2002 and now am H.I. myself. I have chronic pain and full body CRPS. I do the best I can and try t0 convey the message of joy and never give up hope!

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Your Love Never Fails

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This ASL cover song is called “Your Love Never Fails” by the Newsboys. I am doing this as a tribute to the tragedy in Paris on Friday, 13th of November, 2015. I used to be an Interpreter, but now disabled do to CRPS full body, chronic pain, and I suffered a TBI from a MVA in 2002 and cannot Interpret any longer. I do this for my entertainment and for yours, I pray. Thank you for watching!



An ASL Cover for “FIGHT SONG”

This is me, doing an ASL Cover for the Rachel Platten song “Fight Song”. It is soley for mostly my entertainment and yours. I am now H.I. and I used to be an Interpreter for the Deaf at a Major University and Hospital; also  in school systems. I claim no copyright to the song, singer, lyrics etc. Only to the sign Language.  I chose this song for “November, CRPS Awareness Month 2015” because of the meaning, the emotions and the words; also the concepts and Signs. Thank you for watching and check out my ASLcovers at my You tube page:  ASLSuzyQ

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