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.** I’ve only ever tried to do the best of my ability to be the best mother I possibly could be. I don’t know how one person can go through so much loss, hurt, physical and emotional pain?  My Dr’s cannot believe that I’m NOT crazy or dead….it’s because I am strong….I pray for “HOPE” to come back…..soon…I’ve lost so much and in this life I continue to lose more and more each day, it seems.  I  suffer from “C- PTSD” & “Battered Women’s Syndrome”, which can only evolve because of what I’ve endured!  Next in 2002, I was in a  MVA in which I suffered many injuries including :  an MTBI and had 3 yrs of TBI rehab, 12 surgeries, much chronic pain, a pacemaker, A-fib, heart attack (after a tremendous loss in 2005 *(that continues to this day), the Dr’s say it was a true heart attack, but from “broken heart syndrome”), then a CVA in 2006 and then I acquired RSD/CRPS in 2007, after a foot surgery. Later in 2010, it became “full body/systemic RSD/CRPSII” and I have degenerative disc disease, Polyneuropathy, Radiculopathy, Long thoracic nerve damage…just too much to describe….the pain is still nothing compared to the pain in my heart …still. .I pray for the pain to stop and love, light, health and goodness to take over…