America’s Chronic Pain Community Being “Used as Study Subjects”?

What you are about to read will truly surprise you; or maybe not? As you may know, Lauren DeLuca, President and Founder of CIAAG (Chronic Illness Advocacy and Awareness Group)  & Shasta Harner, Director of CIAAG; have been In Washington DC this week.  They are in our nations capital working tirelessly for the chronic pain community. While others including Jayne Flanders, C0-founder & Vice President, Andrew Auell, Director of Research, Peggy O’Connor, Legal analyst have been working “behind the scenes” on social network, writing, making phone calls to legislators etc.  The information that Lauren and Shasta have unraveled is very interesting and may or may not surprise you.  Read on…..

As  you know, we are in the middle of an Under-treated and Untreated Pain crisis and that is what the “Opioid crisis” truly is all about.  The efforts of the CDC, FDA and addiction specialists etc., to reduce opioid prescribing in the USA, has resulted in only a rise in overdoses and suicides. Prescribing of these medications for the treatment of chronic pain and high pain chronic illnesses is at the lowest point it has been in 25 years. Yet the overdose rate has increased because the addicts will find a way to get what they want and need even through illegal and drastic measures. They are getting illicit/illegal fentanyl and carafentanyl from China and Mexico and they are overdosing.  The suicide rate has gone up because the pain community is being tortured and persons with one or multiple High pain illnesses, are being left to suffer endless pain and ultimately torture.

How did this happen?  Lauren and Shasta have come to a conclusion about this while they’ve been doing lots of research and attending meetings in D.C. Their findings indicate this:  “that the CDC guidlines are actually part of a massive population-based study- a clinical trial if you will- that has been implemented into the national healthcare delivery system without the consent or knowledge of the American citizens impacted.  In review of the CDC guidelines’ execution, our organization has discovered what appear to be serious conflicrs of interest, potential financial incentives between parties intimately involved in the study, privacy, as well as of the constitutional, legal, ethical and moral rights of the citizenry.  Please send inquiries to or by phone at (774) 262–6671.”

Lastly, I have a CALL TO ACTION for the Pain Community: “Please Register (it is free to become a member) to beome a member of CIAAG. Next, if you would please show your support by mentioning CIAAG on your Twitter profile to show that you are a member. Please take this proposal and the info that CIAAG has found and disseminate it out into the community to your physicians, politicians, pharmacists, insurers, caretakers, family and friends; along with your state Dept.’s of Health.

****Just a reminder there are many flyers that are free to download from the CIAAG website ( .  You are welcomed to please download this information and also disseminate all of that information into the community as well.  Thank you so much to everyone who has done so much to fight for the rights of the chronically ill, disabled and those who live with high impact chronic pain on a daily basis. If you would like to help a bit more, please remember to use the #CIAAGstrong