HELLO, an ASL Cover

This song is an ASL cover with vocals by Alissa Audrey. I claim no copyright and this is for personal enjoyment, entertainment and for others as well, I hope. I used to be an Interpreter for Deaf and Interpreted at a major University and Hospital, also schools. I was injured in a MVA 2002 and now am H.I. myself. I have chronic pain and full body CRPS. I do the best I can and try t0 convey the message of joy and never give up hope!

2015-01-25 12.16.55

ASL Cover for the Song “Shake It OFF”

This is a great song, lots of fun…I like to think of these words and signs when someone isn’t being kind. I want to  just “SHAKE IT OFF” and not let it bother me. Here is my cover in ASL for the song “Shake it OFF”:

Shake it Off – ASL by Taylor Swift