We Must ROAR 🐯 for PAM

Pain Awareness Month is fast approaching! September is the month for spreading awareness! This is an American Sign Language video of the song “Roar” , by Katy Perry. Let’s be strong and try to reach out to others living with chronic pain. (This will take you to my YouTube page “ASLSUZYQ”, feel free to Subscribe! Thank you!)

Scars To Your Beautiful, An ASL Cover

Hello Luvs,

I did this song in an ASL cover for you to let you know whether you are carrying scars that show or ones that we cannot see, you are beautiful! Anorexia is the plight to be perfect and the hunger gives strength, or so I thought at one time. I thought it made me stronger than my parents and brother who were trying to call me horrible names and act abusive towards me as I got weighed weekly and given Ipecac if someone did feed me when I was growing up. When I got older I got better and worse depending on the stressfulness of a situation in my life.  I guess it was my “coping mechanism” too , later on. But a car accident changed that and I stopped and I cured myself of that and those thoughts. I had to get better and try to feel better. I had to eat to take the medications that I needed to survive the pain from the multiple injuries and surgeries. It’s a very long story, but many people have long stories. This one is for us, all of us who have a “story”. We are beautiful no matter what anyone else says. Beauty comes from underneath the surface. It is deep inside the core of us. Sending love, I hope you enjoy this ASL cover song “Scars to your Beautiful”

I Need An EarthQuake

This ought to pick you up today, because it sure did me! I used to be an Interpreter for the Deaf and taught sign language to parents of deaf pre-school children. I was an Interpreter at a major University hospital and at several schools. I loved my career which I went to the University for and graduated with honors. But in 2002, I was hit by a man who ran a red light and never got to do that again. Also as ironic as it might sound, I suffered a TBI and now I have 2 hearing aids and I am hearing impaired. I live with several chronic pain illnesses including : full body CRPS, CKDII, Arnold Chiari I, Polyneuropathy in Collagen Vascular disease (similar to EDS type 4 vascular), degenerative disc disease, mutltiple herniated /bulging discs in my lumbar and cervical spine, long thoracic nerve neuropathy, Gastroparesis, chronic erosive gastritis, SIBO (a small intestine infection/chronic), and more. I stil tried to find a way to use my 2nd language that I’ve learned since i was 11 yrs old and then went to school for. I love ASL, PSE, all sign language but mostly I love the Deaf culture and my friends who are Deaf and HH and HI like me. It is a cultural identity and not a HC. But sadly the pain is a HC for me and so many others. I just hope my signing still can at least cheer some people up. I do a variety of songs which are hip hop,Christian, Christian rock , holiday and more….any suggestions? just visit me at either instagram at: ASLSuzyQ or on my facebook page too at http://www.facebook.com/ILuvASL OR at my you tube pages:  go to you tube and search “ASLSuzyQ” or at my advocacy page with a few Songs at http://www.youtube.com/suzydukettes

HELLO, an ASL Cover

This song is an ASL cover with vocals by Alissa Audrey. I claim no copyright and this is for personal enjoyment, entertainment and for others as well, I hope. I used to be an Interpreter for Deaf and Interpreted at a major University and Hospital, also schools. I was injured in a MVA 2002 and now am H.I. myself. I have chronic pain and full body CRPS. I do the best I can and try t0 convey the message of joy and never give up hope!

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If You Liked Disney’s movie “Frozen”? You’ll Love This….

This is to cheer you up and hopefully make anyone in pain or who is suffering, a little bit cheered up today. This is me doing ASl or American Sign Language to the song “Let It Go” from the Disney Movie “Frozen”. I hope you like it and have fun with it and get a bit cheered up at least as much as I did doing it…thank you for watching…if possible at all….could you…would you go to the you tube link after you watch it and just click the “LIKE” button? Thank you so much. I am a Hearing Impaired individual who used to be an Interpreter for the Deaf. I have been fitted with 2 BTE Hearing aids since I was in a MVA in 2002. My cerebellum was injured and I suffered a MTBI and then I had to undergo: 12 surgeries and had a heart attack, a stroke and a vision convergence insufficiency and dry eyes and also moderate hearing loss. I love Deaf culture and I don’t see it as a disability at all. My disabilities are my illnesses and chronic, burning 24/7 pain from RSD/CRPS full body/systemic. I have to “pay” for the videos for a day or two and the day that I do them, with a lot of pain. But it keeps my brain working and keeps me busy and I dont’ want to be a “lump” on my couch as I had been for the first 3 yrs …I finally have a good team of Dr’s and the right medications to help me now. But I still suffer. I hope you enjoy this and I hope it cheers you up a bit. I have a few other videos here that you may want to watch as well. I did ASL to the Katy Perry song “ROAR” and I did it to the song “Say Something” by Alex and Sierra….thank you so much…“Let It Go” From FROZEN in ASL</